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Summit DD Board Employees Genuinely Care About the People They Serve

“You can do it, Derrin! Great job!” Three voices cheer as Derrin starts moving his feet and propelling himself forward. Derrin, who had just been assisted from his wheelchair into a device called a pacer, can now move around the building using his own legs. “Come on, Derrin! You can’t catch me”, Richard, an assistant, calls to Derrin over his shoulder, as he jokingly challenges Derrin to a race. It is this type of teamwork between Derrin and staff that has helped Derrin, who has both physical and developmental disabilities, gain more independence. Read More ›

Twins Flourish in an Inclusive Child Care Setting

Each day at circle time, the children of the Calico Center gather in a circle and sing.  A tambourine is passed around the circle to each child, welcoming him or her to class that day.  As the tambourine is passed to five-year old Gavin, without being asked, the little girl sitting beside him immediately reaches over to help him keep the beat.  Gavin has a developmental disability; however to Gavin’s friend helping him during circle time, he was just a friend who needed her assistance during his turn.  Children’s innate ability to be inclusive is admirable.  It may just be the best evidence that inclusive classrooms make the best learning environments.  But sadly, even in 2013, that is not the case in many classrooms.  In many places, children with special needs are taught in separate classrooms from their typically developing peers. Read More ›

Parents share the joy their son has brought them…

The first half of the Callahan’s pregnancy was uneventful. The soon-to-be parents had chosen not to find out the sex of the baby, much to the chagrin of their less patient friends and family.  But when a routine doctor visit turned up concerns, the couple’s first pregnancy became anything but mundane.  Additional tests were ordered and revealed much more than the sex of their baby boy.  The tests seemed to lead to more questions than answers.  Specialists were consulted from all over the country, but none could interpret what they were seeing.  Doctors prepared Larry and Christine for the worst, that their baby may not survive. Christine eventually spent the final three weeks of her pregnancy on bed rest in the hospital. Read More ›

Super Joe goes to school….

When you walk into It’s All About Kids Preschool it appears to be just like any other preschool.  You can hear the sweet sound of children’s giggles, preschoolers sitting in brightly colored classrooms listening to their favorite stories, teachers patiently working with their students preparing them for the years of school that lie ahead of them.  What makes It’s All About Kids Preschool different is that it IS all about kids, whether they have special needs or not.  In the two-year old classroom you will find Joey, laughing and playing with his friends, and though he can’t talk or walk yet he gains new skills every day and his classmates know him as their friend. Read More ›

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