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Employee Greatness: Jean Murphy

With change comes uncertainty. However, what is often clouded by uncertainty is the possibility that change can also bring new opportunities that would never have been possible without taking a leap of faith. Sometimes in life, you need someone to help give you that extra push. That is where Summit DD staff member Jean Murphy truly shines.

“This job found me, I didn’t find it, and I love it. It is what my calling is and when you find out what your calling is you’re better at your job,” said Jean, of her experience working at Summit DD. Jean has been an assistant at Summit DD for over six years and the relationships she has created with the people she supports reaches far beyond her job description. “You become family, you become connected,” said Jean. It’s with this attitude that Jean made a difference in the lives of individuals at the Akron Center.

Upon hearing the news of the CMS transition, Jean focused on the concerns, thoughts and questions the individuals at Akron Center might have as they take their next steps. Jean had an idea to start a class dedicated to small group discussions that would help people we support explore their feelings on the transition, good or bad. Jean wanted the class to be a place for individuals to feel heard, speak freely and find empowerment on their journey forward.

Jean acknowledged there was some hesitation at first, even anger but then something shifted. The opportunity to be heard paired with Jean’s infectious positivity inspired many individuals to open up, release frustration and ultimately feel comfortable and excited about embracing new opportunities. She helped transform worry about the present to a feeling of eagerness about the future and its possibilities. In her own words, Jean reminds us every day that, “You can really make a difference in the world just by attitude.”

Watch the video below to see Jean’s positivity in action!

Congratulations Appreciation Award Winners

Ever met those people who seem to give 110% in everything they do? People who leave an impression on those around them? People who inspire you to be better than the day before? Well we’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you to a few of them now through our Summit DD Appreciation Awards. Read More ›

2016 Summer Camp Funding Information

Summit DD is happy to share that we are once again able to help support camp experiences for eligible children, teens and adults during the summer months. Best of all, you choose the camp! Any camp that is willing to enter into a contract with Summit DD is eligible to have approved costs covered. Here’s how it works: Read More ›

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