Summit DD and Help Me Grow Partner to Provide Seamless Early Intervention Services

When a family receives a diagnosis, or suspected diagnosis of a developmental disability, life takes on a new normal.  Normal becomes internet searches, insurance questions, paperwork, being put on hold, IFSPs, IEPs, and a constant wonder of what’s next.  There are no playbooks, rules or guides because every child and family are unique.  Normal also becomes celebrating little victories, teaching compassion and courage, and finding out that you and your child are capable of so much more than any search result would indicate.  You’ll also find that you are not alone.  In fact, you have a team.  Summit DD and Help Me Grow recently partnered to make that team stronger, and more seamless for you.

What is Early Intervention?

Summit DD’s Early Intervention services are based on the principle that children learn best through everyday experiences with people they know, making YOU your child’s best teacher.  Should you choose Summit DD as your Early Intervention provider, you could expect a teambased approach.  Together, with your Help Me Grow Service Coordinator, a team of early childhood professionals will work behind the scenes to provide you the tools you need to be successful.  Early childhood professionals include Summit DD Developmental Specialists, OT, PT, and Speech-Language Pathologists, one of which will serve as your Primary Service Provider (PSP), depending on your unique needs.  This method of Early Intervention is known as Evidence-Based Early Intervention and does not include typical direct therapy services where specialists work one-on-one with a child.  Instead, therapists and professionals work together to provide your PSP strategies for you or your caregiver to implement, listening to your concerns, priorities, and daily routines.

How do Summit DD and Help Me Grow Work Together?

Summit DD and Help Me Grow have always worked together to assist families. Throughout the past couple of months, they have been working to provide services and support that are more streamlined and family-friendly.  Beginning in 2014, Summit DD and Help Me Grow will form regional teams.  Regional teams contain the same early childhood professionals and are familiar with neighborhoods and resources within the region.  Regional teams will meet weekly to review your child’s progress and discuss strategies to help you meet your goals.  Help Me Grow Service Coordinators will also review new families’ needs weekly and the team will decide the best match for a family to complete the assessment that determines a child eligibility for services.  Should a family choose Summit DD as an Early Intervention provider, work can begin on day one to develop a family’s goals and strategies.

Discover more about Summit DD’s Early Intervention services.

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