Celebrating 22 Years of Success at Acme Fresh Market

As you go about your day, it’s sometimes difficult to realize the impact you make on those around you. Our day-to-day priorities tend to blind us from the wake we leave behind. For 22 years, a local Summit County man named Russell, made it his mission to leave a legacy of happiness, dedication and friendship. For those 22 years, Russell was a landmark employee at Acme Fresh Market in Stow. In June, a group of folks banded together to surprise Russell with a retirement party.

The room was filled with Russell’s entire support network. From close family, friends and fellow Acme staff to developmental disability service providers, and even the Mayor of Stow. Throughout his 22-year career, Russell and his family built this entire network around them. They chose this group based on their personalized needs. And when you combine Russell’s unique personality with the right support, amazing things happen.

Russell’s Summit DD Service and Support Administrator, Sue Talarcek has worked with him for close to a decade. She acts as a direct line of support for Russell and his family, connecting them to the services they need. “Every time we worked with Acme over the years, they always accommodated Russell’s needs and goals. This is a company I can’t say enough about. I’ve never met a more dedicated employer and employee,” shared Sue.

During Russell’s retirement celebration, there wasn’t a shortage of great things said.

“Russell has been a fantastic employee. He is going to be greatly missed!” shared John Pribonic, the Acme Store Director in Stow.

“My experience with Summit DD has really helped me have an appreciation and understanding for the things that truly matter. And Russell is a community member that truly matters,” stated Sara Drew, Stow City Mayor. Mayor Drew also presented Russell with an Official City Pin and a Proclamation celebrating his successes in the community.

“I thank God that we are part of such a great community,” said Gwendolyn Matthews, the Executive Director of Hope Homes, Russell’s residential service provider.

“This celebration is just another example of the great things that happen when we come together. Summit DD’s mission is to help individuals with developmental disabilities make meaningful connections with the community. But, that only happens when there is good leadership within the community. Acme has been an amazing leader,” stated Summit DD Superintendent, John Trunk.

And if it wasn’t for the heart and strength of Russell, these community connections would have never been made. Join us in congratulating a man with a remarkable, 22-year legacy to his name. Enjoy retirement Russell!


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