Ensuring success in the workplace

The perfect job—everyone seeks it, because once it’s found, it can define you as an individual. In the right work environment, you develop your skills and talents, discover new friends, and begin to build pride in your career contributions. At Summit DD, we believe everyone should experience these opportunities, including individuals with developmental disabilities.

Through community employment programs, Summit DD and private providers guide individuals through the entire employment process, with a single goal in mind—discovering their ideal career match. A trained team is put in place to help make the goal a reality. A job developer will seek out employment opportunities based on each individual’s wants and needs. Once the perfect position is found, an employment specialist provides on-going support to the employee, and the employer, to ensure continued success in the workplace.

A Service and Support Administrator (SSA) coordinates the efforts of the entire team and meets one-on-one with the employee to make sure they’re feeling fulfilled in their new found career. This team-focused process has led to success for many people with developmental disabilities.

Jacob is just one of the many success stories. He’s currently celebrating a ten-year milestone as the culinary aide for Concordia at Sumner, a senior living community.  “This job is a big part of Jacob’s life. He sees us as family, and he is our family,” stated Dietary Manager Brenda Caffy-Tubaugh.

“I love my job. I love the people I work with. I look forward to the next ten years,” Jacob proudly remarked.

As part of October’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), join us in celebrating and sharing Jacob’s story. Together, as a community, we can build better workplaces for everyone.

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