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Where can I find the Family Support Services (FSS) forms?

FSS forms are available on our Resources page, through your SSA, by email request at, or by calling 330-634-8016.

How long does it take to get my check?

Please allow 45 days to receive your reimbursement. Checks are processed by the Summit County Fiscal office after the invoices have been approved by Summit DD.

What is the Substitute W-9 vendor form?

The W-9 vendor form is required by the Summit County Fiscal Office for anyone who is to be paid. The County Fiscal Office will not pay anyone unless there is a W-9 on file. You may receive a 1099 from the IRS. Please consult a tax preparer if you have specific questions regarding reimbursement and your taxes.

Are Dietary supplements covered?

Dietary supplements not covered by insurance or where a co-pay is assigned and are medically necessary can be reimbursed using FSS money.

Are Co-pays covered?

Co-pays for therapies, medications, etc. established by your insurance company can be submitted for reimbursement.

What is respite?

Respite provides short term relief services for family members who typically care for a loved one when the family member needs time away or is unavailable to care for the individual on a short term basis. Respite can occur in the individual’s home or at another location outside of the home.

Where do I send invoices?

Invoices can be submitted to Summit DD 3 ways:

  • By Fax – 330-634-8636 (attention FSS Program)
  • By Email –
  • By mail – Summit DD, Attn: FSS Program, 89 E. Howe Rd., Tallmadge, OH 44278

Can I have my co-pay waived?

Co-pays cannot be waived as this requirement is part of Ohio Revised Code.

What if my financial situation changes during the year?

If your financial situation changes mid-year, please contact us at or 330- 634-8952 to discuss your financial status.

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