Functional Relationships Model Provides Seamless Support at Summit DD


Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD) is committed to delivering right-fit supports for children and adults with developmental disabilities to reach for their goals. New initiatives like Employment First and person-centered planning will enhance the lives of those with disabilities, creating more opportunity for equality, wealth and social identity.  Ohio’s path to Employment First is underway. While we don’t fully know what the results will look like at this point, we do know that organizations like the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD), Disability Rights Ohio (DRO) and County Boards (like Summit DD) are working together with individuals and families as they redesign the system.

Summit DD leadership firmly believes that form follows function, which is why we’ve made some revisions to our structure as we prepare for the redesign. We’ve shifted from a departmental focus to a functional relationship focus, allowing us to provide seamless support for individuals and families.

“Our role starts with listening to what individuals and their families aspire to, then connecting them to the right-fit supports to achieve their personal vision of a good life, and finally monitoring the quality of those services whether they receive them through us or more than 200 quality private providers,” stated Summit DD Superintendent John Trunk.

Functional Relationships

The following functional relationship model was created to help deliver that seamless support to individuals and families:

Person-Centered Planning: At the center of all we do are the people we serve. We listen and identify needs and then help connect people and families to the supports which will help them achieve their vision of a good life. From Intake to coordination of services, person-centered planning is at the core of why we are here. This area is led by Melissa Skiljan.

Services for Adults and Children: Throughout a person’s lifetime, people rely on a continuum of supports, such as early intervention, school-age assistance, employment support, residential supports and transportation to name a few. These supports should transition as a person’s needs change or evolve. Holly Brugh is leading this area to provide seamless service support for families and individuals from early childhood through senior adult.

Quality: Ensuring quality outcomes for those we support is a top priority at Summit DD. Areas such as Accreditation, Provider Compliance, Quality Assurance, Communications, and MUI are how we measure the success of the supports we provide. These areas are under the leadership of Billie Jo David. She will help qualify and measure supports as we continually seek to improve.

Administrative:  Areas such as HR, IT, Fiscal, Communications and Facilities are also crucial functions of daily operations. Additional information about leadership in these areas can be found on the Leadership page.

Focus on quality supports

As we continue to evolve with the changing landscape, one thing remains the same, we will continue to focus on what we do best – delivering the quality services that support each individual’s vision of a good life.

If you have any questions about Summit DD’s functional relationships, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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