Good Life Facilitator Training Begins for Summit DD Staff

In our desire to continually improve meeting the needs of individuals and families we support, Summit DD is taking another step forward in positive change. This month, six staff members will embark on Good Life training through the Ohio Association of County Boards, or OACB, to help build stronger communities within the developmental disabilities field.

Summit DD SSA Manager, Patty Nixon is one of the six staff members who will be part of the training. “I was blown away,” she said as she described the initial Good Life program overview. “I love the concept of building up professionals who can affect the lives of the people we serve.”

Facilitated by Pete Moore and Willie Jones as part of the OACB Professional Development Series, this program focuses on enabling others to live a good life – their good life. As the training states, it focuses on “other-direct” thinking. It is meant to create a relationship between staff and those they support to help build the good life that is unique to their wants and needs. The program has been described as ‘transformational’ by previous participants. A Good Life focuses on relationships working both ways and putting and keeping the focus on an individual’s strengths.

“This training seems to embody the whole ‘person-centered’ planning – not just a professional relationship, but having those personal connections,” Patty said.

The program not only provides the tools for participants to learn and practice the Good Life training, but it goes further and trains participants to teach and promote the practice within their own organizations, creating a sustainable, positive culture.

“It puts the focus on collaboration and respect toward one another,” Patty shared. “I’m so excited to get started!”

Since 2011, 22 of Ohio’s 88 counties now have trained Good Life facilitators. Summit County is joining these counties who are already experiencing the benefits of Good Life training. Summit DD’s six team members are beginning an exciting journey. Without a doubt there will be some positive strides taken as a result, and we’ll be sure to keep everyone informed. Stay tuned!


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