Good Life Facilitators Training coming soon!

This summer, Summit DD will be hosting an exciting opportunity for professionals to gain skills to help people with developmental disabilities live a good life! Beginning in July, Good Life Facilitators Training will come to Summit DD. 

This 20-week program, part of the Ohio Association of County Boards (OACB) Professional Development Series, will allow a group of 30 professionals to meet once a week to learn valuable techniques and experience hands-on activities to help people served to build a good life. Summit DD SSA (Service and Support Administrator) Manager Patty Nixon became a Good Life Facilitator last year and helped Summit DD become the host location for the upcoming training. “It’s just an awesome program and it’s a chance for representatives to be the voice of change in their organization,” she expressed.

Patty explained the training as being split into two parts. The first 10 weeks are focused on training, which consists of learning experiences and activities that provide participants with information and skills that can be adapted into their organizations. The second 10 weeks are focused on coaching, which allows participants to take what they learned, share it with staff at their organizations and work toward applying the “Good Life Model” every day. “We talk about two ways of thinking,” Patty described. “There is the traditional way, how we currently do things, and the ‘Good Life’ way, which is about opening your mind, creating a fresh start and striving to do better. It’s empowering professionals to want to do better.”

The training has guiding principles throughout, but the participants use their strengths, creativity and stories to make it a meaningful experience. Representatives from Summit DD along with staff from Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Columbiana County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Lorain County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities and REM Ohio, will be participating in the upcoming training.

Patty shared that becoming a facilitator has made a big impact on her life. “It makes you self-assess who you are and what you make of situations,” Patty explained. “It’s about being intentional in everything you do and it shows you that you can predict the future based on your attitude. It also changes your philosophy or brings it to the surface, and lets you speak and relate to people.” Another benefit of the program is the connection it makes with other counties and providers in the community. By going through the program together, it allows for further collaboration and everyone working toward a greater goal. “It’s all about helping all the people we serve live the best life they can, and allowing staff to re-assess where we are and see what we can improve on.”

The program will be facilitated by Willie Jones and Pete Moore of OACB. “We know that happy professionals equal happy people served,” Pete commented. “So it’s going to be good to add more facilitators to an already great group.” The training starts July 16 and finishes November 30, with a graduation ceremony held in the beginning of December.

This is just another way Summit DD and surrounding partners are taking positive steps to help better serve everyone we support.

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