Happy, Healthy Employees

When you’re healthy, you’re happy—a solid diet and fitness plan gets your blood pumping, endorphins rising and productivity skyrocketing. You feel like you can take on the world! Since 2009, Summit DD has coordinated an annual wellness program that empowers employees to live active, healthier lifestyles. “When you go to work it shouldn’t just be about doing a job. It’s about living a good life,” explained Summit DD Risk Management and Training Manager, Scott Hardway.

From on-site fitness classes and detailed health screenings to smoking cessation courses and stress management seminars, the Summit DD wellness program is jam packed with healthy options for staff. Plus, each year the wellness program features a health and wellness day where staff can come together and make a change. In 2013, over 250 employees participated in the wellness program. “After each year we collaborate with staff on how we can improve, because our goal is to continuously increase participation,” added Scott.

Are you inspired to make a happy, healthy transformation? Ease into the new you, with these quick 10 tips from The American Heart Association:

1. Get out the leash and walk your dog.
2. Go on a brisk walk with family.
3. Take a mall walk—fitness disguised by shopping!
4. Join a team with friends.
5. Walk and talk, as opposed to couch and chat!
6. Watch your primetime TV shows at the gym.
7. Park and walk—pick a spot further away for extra steps!
8. Skip the elevator, take the stairs.
9. Dance! With others or on your own—they both burn calories!
10. Skip the cake—or at least cut a smaller slice!

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