iPads Improve Efficiency in Summit DD Transportation

At Summit DD, we strive to continually improve our services. We believe public feedback is essential to the betterment of our Agency. Our staff also serves as an integral voice for Summit DD. Recently, Routing Specialist Sue Knickerbocker recognized a way to improve efficiency in our Transportation Department. Her innovative fix is now dramatically improving workflow, reducing costs and ensuring quality services for those we support.

The Paperwork Predicament
On holidays and in-service days, most people may not realize that Summit DD still runs transportation routes for people in community employment. Two substitute employees come in on these days to run the routes. Each substitute driver is given two large binders containing more than 2,000 pages of passenger information, directions, signature logs and more. To top it off, the binders can only be used once due to changing passenger info and routes. “It all seemed wasteful. Plus, it would take almost an entire week to compile the information. That’s what led to the new idea,” Sue stated.

The Innovative Idea
Sue thought it would be more efficient to digitally convert the documents and store them on a fully secured iPad for each substitute. She presented the idea to the Director of Transportation, Eldridge Black. “Sue’s idea has significantly improved our workflow and she should be commended for that! Staff feedback and ideas are essential to our Agency,” said Eldridge.

ipad1“With these new iPads, it only takes a day to compile the information for the substitutes,” Sue stated with a smile. This outstanding outcome is the perfect example of how every staff member has a strong voice in our Agency.

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