Your Satisfaction Moves Us Forward

Your thoughts and ideas help Summit DDmove forward. Understanding how you feel about the programs and services provided by Summit DD allows us to identify what we are doing well and the areas we need to improve. Each year, we conduct a comprehensive satisfaction survey with a single goal in mind—improving support for you and those you care about.

In 2013, we recruited a group of experts to conduct the annual survey. The Center for Marketing and Opinion Research or, CMOR, randomly selected over 600 individuals to participate. The survey group was made up of 400 parents and guardians, plus more than 200 individuals who receive support from Summit DD.

Once completed, the 2013 survey produced very valuable insights. The two charts below show the satisfaction categories from both groups.


“Our Agency is very proud of this high level of satisfaction. However, our goal is to implement improvements that increase satisfaction to 100%,” stated Lisa Kamlowsky, Assistant Superintendent. This 2013 survey has given Summit DD a solid foundation for the year ahead.

In 2014, we’re ramping up communication efforts to keep you more informed. We are also implementing monthly surveys to receive more actionable, timely feedback about your individualized service plan (ISP) process.

The 2013 survey also revealed a step we need to take toward inclusion. Over 67% of adults currently in center-based settings have the desire to work in the community amongst their peers. Employment First initiatives will help us close that gap.

Summit DD will continue to be the primary force in the community to advocate for inclusion. It’s time to unite classrooms, workplaces and the community as a whole—because great things happen when everyone comes together.

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