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Summertime Fun

Summer is a time for kids to get outside, play, and of course, head to camp! From a kid’s perspective, camps are care-free places to meet new friends and participate in activities they enjoy. From a parent’s perspective, finding and applying for camps can be stressful and expensive. It can be compounded for parents of children with special needs who may feel their choices in camps are limited. Well, Summit DD is here to help.

It’s Up to You

Summit DD has a program for kids ages 5-22 that can not only help families pay for summer camps, but also opens up a variety of summer camp options. But we don’t determine the camp for your child – YOU do. What makes this program exceptional is that our camp funding can be applied to any willing camp. It’s easy to sign up, and we’re here to help you along the way.

First, choose a camp that interests your child. Any formal camp program in Ohio is open for consideration. There are also a number of resources available, including’s Summer camp guide, and the State Support Teams Region 3 and Region 8 camp guides.

Next, give us a call.  Summit DD’s Camp Services Coordinator, Gail Manning, will work with you to confirm or set up a contract with the camp of your choice. She will also help you determine how much of the camp costs can be covered by available funding, based on your family income. Supply us with a little information and we’ll handle all of the details to help pay for some – or all – of the camp of your choice. We are available to help and answer questions for all families whether you qualify for funding or not. Once you’re registered with us, the Camp Service Coordinator can create your Camp Service Plan, which includes information about any accommodations your child may need during his camp experience, daily medications, and important contact information.

Focus on Inclusion

“It’s a matter of choice,” said Jill Boxler, SSA and Medicaid Services Manager, who has organized the camp funding program for the past three years. “Families get to choose camps that interest them.” Last year, Summit DD provided funding so that 218 kids could attend 50 camps throughout the State of Ohio. Kids were able to choose camps that interested them and meet new friends, with and without disabilities. “Community inclusion is important,” Boxler emphasized, when asked about the benefits of the program. “Making sure kids have the opportunity to be in their communities is the goal of this program.”

Call us

Check out your local programs or the camp resource guide links above and decide on the camp that fits your child. Then contact us. We’ll guide you through the registration and eligibility process for camp funding. After that, all you have to do is help your little camper pack!

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