Summit DD Proudly Introduces its Second Detective

Summit DD is proud to introduce Detective Linda Rinear as part of a continued partnership with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. Joining the Agency with more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement, Det. Rinear will work alongside Det. Joe Storad to review and investigate potentially criminal Major Unusual Incident (MUI) cases at Summit DD. Her specialized experience in handling sex crime and child abuse cases enhances our mission of protecting the more than 4,000 individuals we support.

“Summit DD is here to ensure the health and safety of the people we support. Having two detectives only increases our ability to do so,” remarked Lindsay Bachman, Director of MUI at Summit DD.

In addition to helping ensure that those who perpetrate crimes against citizens with disabilities are held accountable, Det. Rinear will also be able to help individuals who may be sensitive to communicating certain information during investigations. As Bachman explained, “We recognize that some individuals feel more comfortable engaging with a female detective, while others may be more open to speaking with a male detective during potentially criminal cases. Having Det. Rinear join Det. Storad expands our ability to communicate with victims and preserve their dignity.”

Det. Rinear officially joined Summit DD on August 4th and stated the following regarding her hopes for the partnership, “I believe it’s important to give everyone the best that you have. I look forward to working with Det. Storad and everyone at Summit DD to keep ensuring the well-being of individuals with disabilities.”

Thanks to collaborations with organizations such as the Summit County Sheriff’s office, Summit DD is able to continue strengthening and enhancing its support for adults and children with developmental disabilities. Please join us in welcoming Det. Rinear as she steps into this valuable role at Summit DD.

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