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John Contributes to the Growth of Hattie’s Garden

In the Garden John is quite at home as he tends to the vegetables, weeds the beds, prepares the plantings and describes the composting processes with great detail.  John spends his days gardening at Hattie’s Gardens, operated by Hattie Larlham, in Bath, Ohio.  He is looked up to by his co-workers as leader, as he had been taught to garden from a very early age by his grandfather.  John has been able to live his dream of working on a farm with support from a team of providers, coordinated and funded by the Summit DD. Read More ›

Building A Legacy, Mile By Mile

“Just because you’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean your life stops!” These are the words of Andre Travis, spoken with great conviction as he prepares for one of the biggest moments of his life. Born with cerebral palsy, Andre has faced many obstacles in his time – but he doesn’t seek sympathy because those obstacles don’t define him. “We can do anything we put our minds to. It’s the tough times that make you stronger,” remarked Andre. Read More ›

Meet the Inspiring Game Face of an Entrepreneur

When it comes to inspiring others, Todd Eisinger is “all business” — literally! Todd is the President of Inspires 2 Aspire, an inspirational communications company that produces greeting cards and posters with positive messages. Through his cards, Todd shares personal achievements and experiences to help people — with and without disabilities, alike — realize that life is full of opportunities! Read More ›

Partnering for Opportunity

Earning your ideal job, it’s one of the most rewarding revelations in life. You feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. At Summit DD, we’ve made it a mission to provide people with developmental disabilities equal opportunities to work in their community, among their peers. Read More ›

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