A Letter to Persons Served By Summit DD Work Centers

Tuesday,  June 18, 2013

Dear Program Participant/Parent/Guardian,

In recent years Summit DD has been reducing its size as a provider of adult center-based day services.  This reduction in size is due, in part, to factors such as our costs being substantially more than the costs for the same services delivered by other providers.  As a result and because individuals have exercised free choice in providers, it has become cost prohibitive to operate centers under our current staffing patterns.

During current labor negotiations, in response to specific questions and in order to be as transparent as possible, information was shared regarding preliminary staffing cost analysis for the Agency’s center-based facilities.  The forecast indicates that required Medicaid staffing ratios would suggest the Agency could reduce its adult center-based service staff by as many as 49 employees.

As in the past, the Agency’s priority would be to accomplish any reduction in staff through attrition and potential retirement incentives where possible.  However at some point, even as early as this fall, Summit DD may need to implement a reduction in positions that could result in layoffs.  I would like to stress however, that these are preliminary forecasts only.  Be assured that no changes will happen overnight or without considerable future dialogue with stakeholders. Nor will any potential changes happen without significant effort to reduce any potential impact on you or your loved one.

The health, safety and welfare of the individuals we serve continue to be the primary focus of Summit DD during this process.  Supervisory ratios will always be maintained to ensure adequate staffing, as well as your or a loved one’s health, safety and welfare.  While staff may change in your work center, the core day services will remain the same.

We recognize and appreciate your interest in the process.  We will continue to keep you updated as things develop and inform you of any changes that may affect your services.  We further recognize that you are able to exercise your free choice of providers to choose an adult day service provider who meets your needs.

Should you have further questions or concerns, please contact the Director of Facility Based Services, Jean Fish, by phone at 330-634-8111 or via email at JFish@summitdd.org.  Thank you for your time and attention.


Thomas L. Armstrong

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