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Hope Homes Discontinues Operations, REM, Ohio to Become Provider of Record

Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD) was informed late Wednesday from Home Homes officials that the Agency can no longer ensure the health and safety of those its serves due to financial constraints.  Hope Homes will cease all operations on Friday, June 16.

Hope Homes is a disability services provider in 14 group homes and operates a day program in Stow, Ohio.  Hope Homes currently serves approximately 40 individuals with developmental disabilities in Summit County.

In an effort to ensure the continuity of care, REM, Ohio will become the provider of record for the all individuals currently served by Hope Homes effective Friday, June 14.

“The quality of care individuals receives is our primary concern,” indicated Summit DD Assistant Superintendent Lisa Kamlowsky.

“REM, Ohio has assured us that they will retain certified staff and that individuals can remain in their current homes,” continued Kamlowsky.  “This will provide continuity of care while we work with each individual and family to ensure they are able to exercise their right to choose a provider that meets their needs.”

This announcement follows a suspension and proposed revocation issued to Hope Homes by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities in July, 2016.  Summit DD identified several compliance issues stemming from multiple Major Unusual Incidents that could potentially effect health and safety.  Those issues were confirmed by compliance audits by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

“Health and safety of those we support is non-negotiable,” commented Summit DD Community Supports and Services Director Drew Williams.  “Our staff has been continuously monitoring the services in the homes since issues were identified and we will continue to do so during this transition.”

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