Summit DD Launches New Brand, Website

After 47 years of supporting adults and children with developmental disabilities in Summit County, Summit County Board of Developmental Disabilities announces its new logo, brand and website featuring an intuitive, user-friendly navigation with additional resources for families and citizens.

“It was important to the Agency and the Board that we collect input from our stakeholders during the rebranding process”, stated Superintendent John Trunk. “We wanted to find out if our customers agreed that a fresh brand was needed, what visual images would portray the value that Summit DD brings to their lives.”

After months of input from citizens with disabilities, parents, employees, the public and other key stakeholders Summit DD unveiled a new logo in June. The mark represents Summit DD as the primary resource that empowers individuals to reach for their dreams and that we are pieces of a whole that come together in support of individuals with disabilities.

The new logo is the fifth mark since the Agency’s inception in 1967. “The timing was right for this transformation,” stated Trunk. “There is a growing momentum to enhance services for individuals with disabilities towards fully inclusive lives within their communities.”

“We’ve been known in the community as the Weaver School, Weaver Workshop, or for the buses you see on our streets.  Those are an important par of our identity, however we are much more than that,” Trunk continued. “Our role starts with listening to what individuals and their families aspire to, then connecting them to the right-fit supports to achieve their personal vision of a good life, and finally monitoring the quality of those services whether they receive them through us or more than 200 quality private providers.”

Trunk came to Summit County in December, 2013, and has made it his priority to become connected to the rich culture of Summit County, enhancing the fabric of its communities with full inclusion for citizens with disabilities.

The logo and website were designed in partnership with Summit DD’s Office of Communications and Go Media.

The new website is filled with resources for families and the community, including and interactive Quick Start Guide, success stories, an interactive timeline of the Agency’s history, and a dynamic events calendar. “We are proud of early support from the community for the change, proud of the site that can serve as a resource for the community, and proud to live in a county where residents overwhelmingly support inclusion for those with disabilities,” Trunk said.

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