Summit DD Releases Timeline for State-Mandated Transition

The Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board, or Summit DD, recently released a detailed timeline to transition out of Medicaid funded services due a federal mandate from the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, or CMS.

The new federal rule calls for “conflict-free case management” from all County Boards in the state. To resolve this conflict of interest, Summit DD is not permitted to both administer and provide services funded by Medicaid. Through feedback and dialog with individuals receiving services, Agency staff and other community members, Summit DD has released plans and a general timeline for a transition out direct services, including Summit DD provided adult center-based, community employment and transportation services.

“We recognize how difficult this change can be for everyone. It is important to remember why we are here and our mission to connect people with disabilities to supports that empower them to contribute to their own success and to that of their community,” shared Summit DD Superintendent, John Trunk. “Our role in the future must continue to be the primary community resource, listening and connecting people to the supports they need to be successful,” Trunk continued.

The timeline maps out a staged phase out of these services from 2016 to 2020. It was developed with careful consideration to help minimize the impact of the transition, as much as possible, for individuals served and Agency staff.

  • 2016: Summit DD Akron Center closes
  • 2017: Summit DD Ellet Center, Dream Out Loud Studio, Southern Center, Community Employment Services (Follow-Along, Mobility Training, Enclaves), and a third of bus routes phase out
  • 2018-2020: Summit DD Tallmadge Center, Cuyahoga Falls Center, Barberton Center, and remaining bus routes and Community Employment Services phase out

“We are committed to supporting every individual’s transition from a Summit DD direct service to a private provider or community job. Detailed transition supports have already successfully been implemented at the Akron Center and will expand to every individual receiving a Summit DD provided direct service. This included forming transition committees involving various stakeholders, facilitating private provider meet and greets and trail periods, as well as extensive discovery processes, meant to identify the desires, strengths and needs of every individual,” commented Summit DD Director of Community Support and Development, Drew Williams.

It’s important to remember the rich history of Summit DD services. The Agency was formed in 1967 as the Mental Retardation Board and was responsible for community classes and sheltered workshops. Since then, services have continued to evolve to meet the needs of individuals within their community. Over the years, Summit DD has made it a mission to redefine the community—a community built by the abilities of all.

“We recognize that Summit DD must work to re‐educate the public that local levy tax dollars are already being used to support services for individuals with disabilities regardless of who provides those services. We have always been and always will be the primary community resource to support individuals with disabilities, that need does not go away,” stated Superintendent Trunk.

Summit DD is the community resource that connects more than 4,000 adults and children with developmental disabilities and their families to services and supports in Summit County. It is the Organization’s mission to connect people with disabilities to supports that empower each individual to contribute to their own success and to that of their community.  More information regarding the Agency is available online at

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