Meghan Wilkinson Board Member.

Meghan Wilkinson

Meghan Wilkinson began serving on the Summit DD Board in January 2013.  She has participated on Superintendent Committees such as Human Resources/Labor Relations, Services & Supports and Person Served/Parent Advisory Committee.

Meghan was blessed with twin boys in December 2009 and was surprised to find out at birth they both have Down Syndrome.  Once the initial shock wore off, she began dedicating every free second to becoming the strongest advocate she could be for them and for every person with Developmental Disabilities.

Meghan is active in the local Down Syndrome Group, The Up Side of Downs, having helped to plan the Buddy Walk and speaking at parent luncheons to welcome local families into the community.  

Meghan has taken her love for her boys and drive for advocacy and awareness and turned it into a passion for public speaking and medical education.

For the past 6 years, Meghan has lead small discussion groups as part of the Genetic Anomaly Correlation Conference at Case Western Reserve University, addressing first year medical students where Down Syndrome is discussed in a real life way rather than just lecture discussion.  It was a wonderful experience for all involved and hopefully these discussions have helped to change the perception of what life with Down Syndrome is actually like.

Meghan has also addressed the Pediatric Action Club at Northeast Ohio Medical University for the last seven years.  Those presentations have been well attended with frank and open conversations about Down Syndrome and how doctors can deliver compassionate diagnoses and provide the best support to families.  Discussions also included how positive Meghan’s family experience has been with her boys, Casey and Connor.  Conversations such as these help to shape views of future physicians taking a diagnosis of Downs Syndrome from just a list of facial features and medical problems in a text book to real life experiences.

In addition to Meghan’s advocacy efforts she also stays busy with her daughter, Reagan, volunteering as a Cub Scout leader, working full time for The Great Trail Council – Boy Scouts of America, and with her two dogs.     

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