Dissecting the Savings

Summit DD’s operating levy makes up more than 80% of the Agency’s revenue.  That levy is set to expire on December 31, 2018.  To ensure that more than 4,700 adults and kids with developmental disabilities don’t lose funding for essential services, Summit DD will be putting forth a ballot issue to renew the levy on November 7, 2017.  This is not a new tax and will fund services and supports from 2019 – 2024.

For the past two years we’ve been talking to the community a lot about Our Journey Forward. Currently about 75% adults receive day programs and transportation services from private disability service providers. By the time the new levy money is collected in 2019, 100% of adults will receive these services from private providers.  We have asked individuals and families who have made the switch if they are happy in their new environment and they overwhelmingly report that they are.  Read Brad’s or Joyce’s story about their experience with a new provider.

What is the impact on your budget?

In our ongoing conversations with key stakeholders, people keep asking… if we don’t need staff to provide these services and if we don’t need the buildings and busses for those services, do we still need the same amount of funding from the levy?  The answer is yes.  That may have you scratching your head, but check out the infographic that explains why.

Some services for adults are funded through a mix of federal Medicaid funds and local levy dollars.  As Summit DD complies with federal mandates and people transition to private disability service providers in Summit County, their funding follows them.  What does that mean?

The revenue that Summit DD receives from Medicaid will now get paid to the new provider, which accounts for a $5.4 million loss of revenue to Summit DD each year.  Also, Summit DD must pay for 40% of Medicaid-eligible services using local tax dollars.  That increases our Medicaid expenses by $4.8 million each year.

Yes, it does make sense that we reduce costs in salary, benefit and facility cost line items as federal mandates cause us to get leaner.  Those line items are reduced by $11.4 million each year.  However, that is offset by $5.4 million in reduced revenue and $4.8 million in increased Medicaid expenses.  That leaves $1.2 in “savings”.  Those savings are reinvested in supporting an increased demand for services each year and innovation.  We expect to continue to support at least 100 new people each year.

You can help us dispel the myth that individuals do not need as much funding for a lifetime of services by talking to your family and friends. Download the infographic.

We take our role as a steward of taxpayer dollars very seriously.  We are committed to being transparent about how your tax dollars are spent.  Want to see where your money goes?  Check out this simple infographic. Want to stay informed with our future plans and investments?  Sign up for our monthly email newsletter at the bottom of the website.  Still have questions?  Contact us.

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