Where do our tax dollars go? A handy guide.

Summit DD’s operating levy makes up more than 80% of the Agency’s revenue.  That levy is set to expire on December 31, 2018.  To ensure that more than 4,700 adults and kids with developmental disabilities don’t lose funding for essential services, Summit DD will be putting forth a ballot issue to renew the levy on November 7, 2017.  This is not a new tax and will fund essential services and supports from 2019–2024.

The voters have asked for a simple explanation of where the money goes.  Simply put, your money empowers people of all abilities.  You can see how in the infographic below.

How Much Money Does The Levy Raise?

Homeowners with a home valued at $100,000 will continue to pay just $11.50 per month.  Because it’s a renewal levy, this amount will not go up as home values increase.  Summit DD has been living on the same millage since 2007.  In fact, the levy brings in about about $8 million less in revenue than it did in 2007 because of depreciated values.

Summit DD will raise a total of $50 million from the levy in each of the six years of its funding cycle. This revenue funds both Medicaid eligible services and services funded exclusively with local tax dollars.

Medicaid-Eligible Services & Supports

Some adults with disabilities qualify for Medicaid funding through a “waiver” for home and community-based services that help them live more independently.  When an individual receives funding through Medicaid, approximately 60% of Medicaid-eligible services are funded through federal funds and Summit DD pays for the remaining 40% using money raised from the levy.  Using federal Medicaid funding affords more adults access to these essential services throughout their lifetime, while minimizing the financial impact to local taxpayers.

Summit DD’s financial obligation for Medicaid-eligible services totals $25 million each year.  That investment provides access to an additional $60 million in federal dollars that is paid directly to more than 570 private disability service providers in Summit County.  That is a total of $85 million each year that is invested into the local economy, ensuring that more than 2,700 adults receive residential support, day programming and transportation services.

Services & Supports Funded By Local Tax Dollars

The remaining $25 million dollars in revenue purchases supports for adults and kids that are non-Medicaid services or services for adults who are not eligible for Medicaid.  This includes:

  • Early intervention support for more than 1,000 kids and families ages 0-6, provided directly by Summit DD Developmental Specialists.
  • Service coordination from Summit DD Service and Support Administrators (SSAs) to develop a person-centered plan, oversight and authorization of funding for more than 2,000 adults and 1,000 school-age kids and teens.
  • Special Olympic funding for more than 650 athletes with special needs
  • Quality-of-Life supports like equipment, respite, etc. for 1,200 adults and kids
  • Services such as nursing, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more
  • Oversight and training of disability service providers by Summit DD quality assurance staff
  • Administrative reviews by Summit DD Investigative Agents of incidents which can impact a person’s health and safety, including abuse and neglect

What Happens if the Levy Fails?

If the levy fails, these essential services would be discontinued within nine months.  Adults who rely on Medicaid funding would lose their local contribution for those funds after one year, putting future federal funding in jeopardy.

The levy is critical to ensure essential services and supports are in place throughout an individual’s lifetime.  You can help educate your friends and neighbors by sharing this post or download the handy infographic about where your tax dollars go.

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