Tips for Transitioning from Summer to Back-to-School Schedules

After long days in the sun and a very relaxed nighttime routine, the switch to school schedule can be overwhelming and exhausting to both parents and children.

Lynette White, Summit DD’s Manager for the Community Partnership for Inclusion offers tips on making the back-to-school  transition less stressful for everyone.

“Above all, keep in mind it takes a good four to six weeks for the transition to really take place,” comments White. “Being organized and patient will be your best assets to finding a peaceful and easy change of schedule.”

Get Excited!

How you perceive a situation is often times how your child will perceive a situation. Be confident in your approach to walking into school for the first time with your child and they will know there is nothing to be scared of.

Attend all Meet and Greets

Whether it is your first child or your fifth, it is important to be a part of every meet and greet with the teacher and in the classroom. Don’t rush through the process even if you could recite it yourself. This is your child’s first experience and it’s important they get comfortable with their new surroundings.

Kindergarten is a Big Deal

One of the biggest transitions is from preschool to Kindergarten. The schedule is much more structured than the child is used to and often times the days are longer. Beyond attending all the meet and greets with the teacher, be sure to spend some time at the school either walking the premises or playing on the playground.

Let Your Child Lead You

Allow your child to lead the way to his or her classroom. They will feel a sense of pride and ownership and thereby feel that much more confident on their first day of school.

Allow Summit DD to be a Resource

Summit DD is here to help you in all aspects of easing the transition from summer to school. Specifically we offer child transition books that help parents and children navigate and understand the transition ahead. Contact us to receive a personalized book for your child’s journey.

Parent Teacher Communication

The doors of communication between school and home is integral in a successful school year. If after allowing some time for transition and adapting and your child is still demonstrating behaviors that are disruptive at home or school, be sure to schedule an appointment with the school and your child’s teacher. Likewise, Summit DD is here to help. Contact your SSA. Your SSA can be a great resource to help you and your child navigate these changes.

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