Brandon and Samantha: Every Day is a Gift

Happily ever after—it’s an age old phrase that everyone knows. Most of the time, it’s referenced in a fairytale. However, for Brandon and Samantha, they’re living it every single day. So when did their picture perfect love story begin? They met through a shared friend back in 2000. “The sparks flew and we officially started dating on March 24th,” Samantha reminisced with a smile. For the next 11 years, they built a strong foundation of love and the wedding bells rang on June 4th of 2011.

Thanks to the loving support of several family members, Brandon and Samantha were gifted a puppy named Minnie, plus a beautiful home in a quaint neighborhood to begin their married life together. Over the years, Samantha and Brandon have settled into a solid home routine. “I cook and clean every day. I tell Brandon that I have a boyfriend too,” Samantha said with a chuckle. “It’s my Shark vacuum! It’s my favorite tool to keep the house nice and clean.”

While Samantha tackles the home responsibilities, Brandon goes to his day job. For the past 10 years, he has been an employee at Weaver Industries in several different roles. Since January of 2018, he’s been hard at work with Secure Shred as a Paper Sorter. “I really enjoy it there,” Brandon proudly commented.

“When he comes home for the day, we make time for ourselves. We put our phones away and focus on each other. And every Friday is date night! We sometimes stay in for a nice dinner or we go out and see a movie or something. It’s special!” shared Samantha. They also spend a lot of time together within their community. “Whether it’s a dog park, concert, festival, you name it…I see Brandon and Samantha almost everywhere in the community,” commented Dayna Jacobs, Brandon’s Summit DD Service and Support Administrator (SSA). Dayna is always just a phone call away for Brandon. She helps him meet his goals at work, at home, and within the community.

Last year, their love become even stronger with the unfortunate passing of Brandon’s mother. “She bought this house for us. She took care of us, and still does today even though she is gone,” shared Samantha. At the entrance of their home, there is a photo of her in remembrance, as well as a sign that displays Brandon and Samantha’s motto—Every Day is a Gift. “And it is. Every single day is a gift,” said Samantha.

When asked what’s the best way to keep a strong marriage and ensure every day is a gift, Samantha said “Don’t go to bed arguing or unhappy. Kiss each other before you go to sleep. Kiss each other before you part ways the next morning. And make time to just be together and be happy!”

So tomorrow morning, before you embark on your day, remember this advice from Samantha. And remember that love does not discriminate. Love is kind. Love is strong. Love is universal.

Brandon and SamanthaBrandon and SamanthaBrandon and Samantha

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