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Summit DD Works with Area Disability Providers to Meet Individuals’ Needs

(Tallmadge, Ohio) – The Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD) is the community resource that connects people with developmental disabilities to the services and supports they count on to live their lives to the fullest. The Agency connects more than 4,700 children and adults each year to supports. These supports include more than 500 disability providers throughout Summit County that promote independence and more access to their community.

In April of this year, Summit DD was informed that one of these providers, Evant, Inc., would be ceasing its operations effective May 31, 2017.  Upon notification, Summit DD Service Coordinators began working with the approximately 40 individuals and their families across 13 homes to interview and select new in-home residential service providers to replace the direct-care services that were provided by Evant, Inc.

While individuals use their money to pay for things like rent, utilities and other daily living expenses, the in-home residential services that people receive are funded through a mix of local levy funding and federal Medicaid dollars. Private providers do not operate the homes, but help people with personal care tasks, organizing bills and meal preparation among other things.

“Local service providers assist people in their homes by providing the supports that they rely on to meet their day-to-day needs,” explained Drew Williams, Director of Summit DD’s Community Supports and Development department. “We work closely with the many local disability service providers here in Summit County to ensure people’s needs are met.”

After interviewing a wide selection of quality providers, each individual selected a new service provider that best fit their needs.  Among the disability providers selected were Empowering People Inc., REM, Ohio, Midwest Health Services, Koinonia, Artemis Care, Our Lady of Wayside, Kentix and Blick Center.  These service providers worked with individuals, families and Summit DD Service Coordinators to make this transition as seamless as possible.

“Quality services and ensuring safety are our highest priorities,” Williams emphasized about Summit DD’s commitment to the health and safety of those they serve. “We will continue to monitor the quality of in-home services people receive no matter who provides that service so that people with disabilities can continue to live their lives to the fullest.”

About Summit DD

Summit DD is the community resource that connects more than 4,700 adults and children with developmental disabilities and their families to services and supports in Summit County. It is the Agency’s mission to connect people with disabilities to supports that empower each individual to contribute to their own success and to that of their community.  More information regarding the Agency is available on the About Us page.

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