Summit DD Leadership Takes Oath

When Superintendent John Trunk took the top post at Summit DD he made it a priority to talk to as many key stakeholders as possible and continue to build on Summit DD’s rich history of being a resource in the community, a champion for the rights of people with disabilities and their families.  After seven months on the job, a few key internal initiatives are helping to increase communication and collaboration, both internally and externally.

Earlier this year, Summit DD’s 60 managers signed a leadership oath.  “When we sign our name to this document it adds accountability and lets all staff and other key stakeholders know what to expect,” explained Trunk.

Simply put:

As a leader at Summit DD I will always use:

  • Insight
  • Consistency
  • Transparency
  • Good Judgment
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Honesty

By exercising the above traits at all times, I will support Summit DD’s culture by:

  • Engaging Stakeholders:  I will listen, motivate and be a good role model.
  • Developing Others:  I will provide opportunities, reward and recognize, and give honest and regular feedback.
  • Executing Strategy:  I will take risks, promote alignment, and achieve outcomes.
  • Engineering Sustainability:  I will innovate, focus on the future, and create efficiencies.
  • Creating Advocates:  I will be a good citizen, build networks, and inspire other to act.

We try our best to emulate these values in our decisions and interactions, and if we fall short we want to know.  Summit DD always values and appreciates feedback.

Another initiative, called All 4 One, is opening lines of communication within the Agency.  This concept is quite simple.  Each manager meets with one staff person, one time a month, for one hour.  Not only do team members get to know each other, we also all learn about the different pieces that make Summit DD whole and provide a better level of service to our customers.

Hear about these initiatives, along with other priorities and observations, from John Trunk in this short video:

These initiatives are just the start of Summit DD’s reinvigorated efforts to create even more partnerships and collaborations in the community, which will lead to more inclusive supports for citizens with disabilities in Summit County and their families.  If you have ideas on partnerships, contact us.

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