What is a Summit DD Navigator?

It’s part of the human condition to adapt and change. We all set goals and then try to determine our next steps. However, it’s very common to reach a point where you feel like you’re standing still. The moments where you don’t know what to do to keep moving forward. In many cases, we seek the help of others to uncover our path. And in recent months, Summit DD has created a new position to do just that for people with developmental disabilities.

Summit DD Navigators were created to “…help create a culture of movement. We will help to connect people to the services they need, and then help them navigate within their services to keep moving forward and reach their goals,” shared Summit DD Community Supports and Development Manager, Jacquie Owens.

The Navigator will team up with Summit DD SSA’s (Service and Support Administrators) and a person’s entire support team to assist with many essential needs, including:

  • Bridging the gap between the SSA and the service provider/workplace/community
  • Connecting people to employment services based on where they’re at along their Path to Employment
  • Connecting individuals for residential options in the community
  • Providing team guidance on how to efficiently use funding to ensure all necessary provider supports are available
  • Assisting the team in identifying and resolving potential service gap areas that create barriers
  • Providing education to the team regarding new services that meet needs
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with providers, schools and local businesses to promote employment and community integration for people with disabilities

“The Navigators will act as a behind-the-scenes resource to the support team. Someone who has a pulse on the DD system and Summit County community services,” concluded Owens.

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