Take Me Home Program Aims to Assist Citizens with Disabilities

Summit DD is committed to connecting individuals with community resources that help people achieve their personal visions of a healthy and satisfying life. Aligning with our mission, Take Me Home is a Summit County initiative—sponsored by Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh and Sheriff Steve Barry—aimed at supporting individuals with disabilities who may need assistance communicating during emergency situations.

During an emergency, the communication of pertinent information—such as a person’s name or address—between law enforcement and citizens with disabilities may not always be easy or clear.  Through the Take Me Home program, individuals can enroll in a database that officers can access to swiftly and accurately obtain a person’s vital information. Maintained by the Sheriff and Prosecutor’s offices, the database includes a picture, disability description, and contact information for each individual—all of which can only accessed by law enforcement personnel in order to protect the privacy of each person.

By utilizing the information in the database, law enforcement will be able to better assess the situation and how to best communicate with the individual—potentially leading to a quicker resolution during the emergency. Officers will also be able to search the database during missing person situations, which may lead to more rapid and safe returns of missing individuals. Ultimately, the program hopes to be a valuable tool for law enforcement, citizens with disabilities and their families, as well as other individuals who may benefit from the program—such as individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Summit DD proudly recognizes the Sheriff and Prosecutor’s officers for their efforts and encourages Summit County citizens to take advantage of this valuable community resource. Together, we can ensure a safer community for everyone.

Enrollment in the Take Me Home program is FREE and easy. For complete information, visit co.summit.oh.us/Prosecutor, or co.summit.oh.us/Sherrif.

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