Meet the Inspiring Game Face of an Entrepreneur

When it comes to inspiring others, Todd Eisinger is “all business” — literally! Todd is the President of Inspires 2 Aspire, an inspirational communications company that produces greeting cards and posters with positive messages. Through his cards, Todd shares personal achievements and experiences to help people — with and without disabilities, alike — realize that life is full of opportunities!

“Owning a business makes me happy because I get to do great things,” Todd shared. “I want my cards to let people know that they can do great things, too.”

When Todd was born with Down syndrome in 1982, his parents, Lee and Debby Eisinger wanted to ensure that their son always had the opportunity to “do great things.” “That’s what life’s about,” said Lee. “Most parents — whether they have a child with a disability or not — are so afraid that their children are going to fail or be hurt if they try something new; but everyone deserves the opportunity to live, to learn, to grow.”

“As parents, we want to make sure he has the experiences that every good life should have,” added Debby. “So when the Summit DD asked if Todd wanted to start his own business, we sat down and discussed it as a family. We immediately knew this was the right opportunity for Todd.” In 2009, Inspires 2 Aspire kicked off with a grant from Summit DD’s Community Microenterprise program.

Today, Todd is proudly creating cards and posters that share messages about success, achievement and even the celebration of a new baby. “My business is about my life,” he said passionately. The pictures and designs of his cards reflect an outstanding resume of accomplishments and volunteer work. This includes being enthusiastically involved in community service groups, public speaking events, and even movies as an extra. If that’s not enough, Todd has his black belt in karate and was recently named Ohio’s 2012 Special Olympics Athlete of the Year. This is rightfully so, considering he boasts numerous medals in swimming, Alpine skiing and golf.

When asked how he manages to achieve so much while owning his own business, Todd happily answered, “I put on my game face and get the job done!” This is the motivational message featured in his newest card, paired with a photo of himself at a swim competition. According to Todd, having a game face means working hard and staying focused. “When you focus and work hard, you win!”Todd working on his Inspires 2 Aspire card in his office

Beyond his focus and hard work, Todd says all of his success is attributed to support from his family, Summit DD and the community. “They stood beside me and cheered me on,” said Todd. Looking forward, Todd dreams of becoming a guest host at wrestling events, getting his own place and taking his business to the next level. He is glad to know he has support in achieving those dreams. As Debby expressed, “We’re trying to prepare Todd to be as independent as possible and have the rewards of being a business owner.”

With National Disability Employment Awareness Month around the corner, Todd has one piece of advice for other business owners and individuals aspiring to do great things for themselves and the community: “Everyone can do great things because everyone has a game face. You just have to put it on!”

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