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Summit DD Seeks to Renew Operating Levy

On November 7, 2017 Summit DD is seeking to renew our 4.5 mill operating levy.  The continuation of funding is critical to ensure more than 4,700 ADULTS AND KIDS with developmental disabilities get the services and supports needed to live their lives to the fullest.  This is NOT A NEW TAX and will fund services from 2019 – 2024.

What the Levy Supports

For Kids

  • 1,000 kids age 0 to 6 with Early Intervention services
  • 280 kids in community child care

For Adults

  • 2,060 adults in facility and community-based jobs
  • 1,776 adults with residential supports

Investing in our Community

  • 577 private providers monitored for quality care
  • $60 Million in federal Medicaid funds invested into our local economy

What Happens if the Levy Fails

  • Early Intervention will be discontinued for 1,000 kids age 0 – 6
  • Special Olympics support 650 athletes and other quality of life services will be discontinued
  • Adults will be placed on a waiting list for necessary services, including residential support or day programs

Summit DD is committed to providing you information about the levy, including what it funds and what will happen if it does not pass.  For more information about how to support the levy please visit SupportSummitDD.com.

Download our informational levy fact sheet.

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