Guide to Service Coordination

Also known as the SSA Handbook, our Guide to Service Coordination is your one stop to know and understanding your services, rights and options. Below is all the information you need to help you make informed decisions about your services.

Service Coordination and Person-Centered Planning

Service coordination (or the management and monitoring of a person's individualized services) is carried out through our Service and Support Administrators (SSAs) or Referral and Support Specialists (RSSs). Service coordinators work with individuals and providers of services to coordinate supports for those with developmental disabilities. Supports can include services such as residential, employment and transportation to name a few. Service coordination is provided at no cost to those who are eligible for Summit DD services. Service Coordinators are here to help make the connections, while you make the decisions about what's right for you. 

Service Coordination is all about relationships. We encourage you to take an active role in the planning process. It’s important to express your thoughts to your team about what is important to you.  You are unique and so are your goals and needs. By knowing you and what’s important to you, your SSA or RSS can assist you in creating a better plan – with better outcomes – that will help you live your best life. 

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Bill of Rights for People with Developmental Disabilities

Everyone is afforded certain rights under the law that guarantee certain personal freedoms. Empower yourself by learning more about the Bill of Rights for people with Developmental Disabilities.

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Person-Centered ISPs

Your Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is the blueprint for your services, funding, connections and goals. You drive the direction and priorities, while your service coordinator monitors and sets the plan into motion.

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How are Services Funded?

Our community generously supports funding of services through a tax levy. The tax levy generates funds that Summit DD uses to pay for coordination and services, along with a variety of other funding streams, including federal funding.

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Resolving Complaints and Due Process

Summit DD is determined to provide right-fit supports. If you have concerns with your services, let us know about your concern when it happens. The sooner we know, the faster we can help resolve the issue. Follow these guidelines to help us to better serve you.

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Ensuring Safety and Quality Services

The health, safety and welfare of people we support is our primary concern. Summit DD takes this role very seriously and have many safeguards in place to ensure there is ongoing oversight in provider settings.

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Service Rights of Individuals and Privacy Practices

Summit DD, is committed to protecting your privacy. we follow strict federal and state laws to keep your personal information confidential. Learn more about how we use your personal information for services.

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Additional Rights and Advocacy Information

Summit DD, Connections are part of your journey. With each connection, your network grows, helping you on your path to become your own strongest advocate. We have compiled some of the local networking and advocacy groups for you to tap into.

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