Person-Centered ISP

Your Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is the blueprint for your services, funding, connections and goals for the coming year. You and your team create the direction and priorities, while your provider and Service and Support Administrator, SSA (or Referral and Support Specialist, RSS) monitor and set the plan in motion.

Your person-centered ISP needs to be clear, easy-to-understand and contain real outcomes. Keep reading to learn more about how your ISP works.

Your Role in the Person-Centered Planning Process

First, we encourage you to be actively involved. It’s important to express your thoughts to your team about what is important to you. The team is here is to support you and must what you would like to pursue. Your team members may include family, services providers, guardians (if applicable), therapists, or others who are important to you. Teams meet at least one time per year and may meet more often depending on the need.

Remember, the team is your team. It’s our goal to create a relationship with you. Each person is unique and so are their goals and needs. By knowing you and what’s important to you, your SSA or RSS can assist you in creating a better plan – with better outcomes – that will help you live your best life.

How can you assist your SSA in providing the best services for you? Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Stay in Touch: Keeping in touch with your SSA shows them that you are still interested in receiving services from Summit DD. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your SSA has your most up-to-date contact information (such as phone number, email and address) to maintain this line of communication. It’s important to return phone calls, emails and/or respond to letters from your SSA or RSS within ten (10) days (excluding weekends or holidays). If your SSA or RSS is unable to reach you after two (2) attempts in a thirty (30) day period or you do not respond to a deadline stated in a letter, Summit DD may conclude that you are no longer interested in receiving services. If your case is closed, you will need to complete the intake process again if/when you decide to receive services from Summit DD in the future.
  • Keep Appointments: It’s always best to try to keep any appointment you make with your SSA or RSS. If your cannot make an appointment with your SSA, it’s important to contact them to let them know and ask about rescheduling the appointment. Please also reach out to your SSA or RSS if you are going to be late. If you continue to miss appointments, your SSA or RSS may reach out to your team to schedule a meeting to discuss a plan for the continuation of your services.

What is an ISP?

ISP stands for Individual Service Plan. An ISP is a person-centered, written description of services, supports and activities provided specifically to you. These individualized plans act as a roadmap along your journey that will help you work toward your outcomes. ISPs are developed with the assistance of your SSA (or RSS) and the various team members important to you. Team members may include family, service providers, guardians (if applicable), therapists or others who are important to you. Remember, the team is your team. Teams meet at least one time per year and may meet more often depending on the need. Content for the ISP is typically developed at an annual team meeting, but can be reviewed and modified throughout the year, as needed. ISPs are developed with your input and the assistance of your SSA/RSS and your various team members. Content for the ISP should be continuously reviewed and updated to meet your current needs and desires.

We encourage you to be actively involved and express your thoughts to your team about what is important to you. The team is here to support you and must know the direction you’re interested in pursuing.

Online SSA and RSS Directory

Need to contact your SSA or RSS? Visit our online RSS and SSA Directory.

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