Supporting Community

We can't accomplish our mission alone! Summit DD needs community collaboration to make the biggest impact for those we serve in Summit County. See how we connect with countless community entities to further our goals and increase our reach.

Day program staff member posing with Brad who attends the program


Summit DD partners and collaborates with hundreds of private disability service providers throughout the county. We provide essential health & safety oversight, while offering up-to-date training and resources so they can better serve people with disabilities. See how we maintain these essential partnerships!

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Community Programs

Summit DD supports a variety of schools, day care centers, summer camps, and various organizations to become more inclusive for people of all abilities. From environmental modifications, to attitudinal training, to on-site support and coaching, Summit DD tailors a solution to the unique needs of community organizations.

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Businesses & Employers

Summit DD collaborates with employers in the community to expand employment options for the individuals. With a growing network of employment partners, we, along with our private partners in the community, are able to customize plans and find meaningful jobs that meet the needs of each individual.

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Mark Smelko working in the kitchen of the Akron Women's City Club with his SSA Vince Taylor and boss Briston Taylor.
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Sponsorships & Volunteering

Through sponsorships and volunteering, Summit DD is able to partner with organizations that share our same goals and values, while giving back to the community. This teamwork fosters positive relationships within the community, raises awareness for both organizations and creates a welcoming environment for people of all abilities, but it must be done in a fiscally responsible way.

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