How To Contact Your Summit DD SSA

Need to contact your Summit DD SSA or RSS? We’re always ready to listen.

We know that sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the important phone numbers. To make it easier on you, we’ve created a directory to help you contact your SSA or RSS. The directory includes all the important contact information you need, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

Everything you need is right at your fingertips, so reaching out to your SSA or RSS is only a click away.

Updated 11/01/22

Service & Support Administration (SSA)
Akers, Alyssa Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8155 Kristina Crilow
Altizer, Natalie Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8142 Brad Nemec
Arrington, Brock Barberton Center 330-634-8117 Kim Riles
Bachmann, Trudy Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8178 Kim Riles
Banks, Sonja Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8089 Tamika Green
Barth, Ronda Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8827 Kelly Wood
Behrend, Terina Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8374 Kim Riles
Benedict, Tiffany Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8159 Brad Nemec
Boykin, Jennifer Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8416 Emily Knopick
Brautigam, Stephanie Barberton Center 330-634-8050 Rebecca Stoots Troutman
Brierson, Karissa Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8193 Andy Flor
Brown, Scott Barberton Center 330-634-8156 Melissa Seams
Calcei, Nicholas Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8067 Tamika Green
Carubia, Lisa Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8335 Kim Riles
Christman, Melanie Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8092 Deb Bailey
Coletta, Marianne Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8029 Brenda Woitas
Cooper, Kristen Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8122 Kathy Brunton
Cross, Jennings Barberton Center 330-634-8336 Emily Knopick
Cummings, Rob Barberton Center 330-634-8065 Andy Flor
Downing, Rob Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8328 Tamika Green
Duncan, Katherine Barberton Center 330-634-8183 Melissa Seams
Ebner, Grace Barberton Center 330-634-8105 Deb Bailey
Elmore, Dominic Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8017 Augusta Jordan
English, Jordan Barberton Center 330-634-8126 Kristina Crilow
Estes, Aaron Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8805 Brad Nemec
Foster, Julie Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8411 Brenda Woitas
Gaines, Brooke Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8204 Kathy Brunton
Gates, Margaret Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8437 Kathy Brunton
Gonzalez, Andrea Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8112 Rebecca Stoots Troutman
Goosby, Kim Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8039 Augusta Jordan
Hamilton, Megan Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8175 Kristina Crilow
Hamlet, Bobby Barberton Center 330-634-8043 Rebecca Stoots Troutman
Harold, Liza Barberton Center 330-634-8174 Deb Bailey
Harris, Crashona (Candi) Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8893 Brad Nemec
Hedrick, Dale Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8941 Andy Flor
Henighan, Patty Barberton Center 330-634-8320 Melissa Seams
Hennessy, Lisa Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8161 Kim Riles
Hickman, LaRae Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8326 Emily Knopick
Hildebrandt, Beth Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8103 Andy Flor
Hodgekins, Amy Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8207 Augusta Jordan
Hodgson, Greg Barberton Center 330-634-8097 Kristina Crilow
Huffman, Cheryl Barberton Center 330-634-8254 Rebecca Stoots Troutman
Humphrey, Brittany Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8101 Brenda Woitas
Hyder, Michele Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8022 Kristina Crilow
Jacobs, Dayna Barberton Center 330-634-8123 Tamika Green
Jarvis, Lauren Barberton Center 330-634-8037 Tamika Green
Kim, Yunyoung Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8121 Melissa Seams
King, Jennifer Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8361 Andy Flor
Kouri, Doreen Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8084 Rebecca Stoots Troutman
Kuhn, Margaret Barberton Center 330-634-8330 Augusta Jordan
Lewis, Kevin Barberton Center 330-634-8098 Kathy Brunton
Lightner, Angie Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8154 Jackie Shaw
Lilenfield, Amy Barberton Center 330-634-8094 Kelly Wood
Lingler, Michelle Barberton Center 330-634-8191 Brenda Woitas
Loeffler, Beth Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8169 Melissa Seams
Mallard, Rhonda Barberton Center 330-634-8357 Kelly Wood
Markely, Nedra Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8133 Rebecca Stoots Troutman
Mathie, Nicole Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8145 Kristina Crilow
Mazanek, Cody Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8132 Vicki Dietelbach
McCormick, Jennifer Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8153 Augusta Jordan
McKnight, Amber Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8198 Rebecca Stoots Troutman
Means, Tania Barberton Center 330-634-8350 Darann Warner
Miller, Dan Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8120 Melissa Seams
Miller, Rachel Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8937 Jackie Shaw
Mockabee, Monique Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8093 Kathy Brunton
Nemec, Lori Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8535 Jennifer Hudak
Nyilas, Tina Barberton Center 330-634-8223 Kelly Wood
Nyitray, Sara Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8194 Rebecca Stoots Troutman
Ocasio, Carmen Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8060 Andy Flor
Ohl, Bethany Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8125 Augusta Jordan
Okoh, Joan Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8085 Rebecca Stoots Troutman
Okonkwo, Paul Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8322 Melissa Seams
Papoi, Katie Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8173 Kristina Crilow
Pash, Eve Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8165 Brenda Woitas
Paszt, Marcin Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8070 Kathy Brunton
Penedo, Carmen Barberton Center 330-634-8115 Tamika Green
Perkowski, Alyssa Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8138 Brad Nemec
Pickard, Kevin Barberton Center 330-634-8208 Melissa Seams
Powers, Amy Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8332 Kristina Crilow
Rach, Lisa Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8119 Vicki Dietelbach
Regmi, Parwati Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8102 Kim Riles
Reusch, Shannon Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8162 Kathy Brunton
Roderick, Joy Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8129 Jackie Shaw
Scharf, Joe Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8136 Emily Knopick
Schott, Alexis Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8144 Vicki Dietelbach
Shay, Sheri Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8139 Kim Riles
Snyder, John Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8192 Brenda Woitas
Spargo, Peter Barberton Center 330-634-8513 Vicki Dietelbach
Stark, Doug Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8047 Emily Knopick
Stiles, Michelle Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8355 Tamika Green
Stout, Katy Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8107 Kim Riles
Suggett, Kari Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8147 Melissa Seams
Stone, Crystal Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8127 Kim Riles
Swindle, Rebecca Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8176 Brenda Woitas
Taylor, Alison Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8046 Kelly Wood
Taylor, Cheryl Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8688 Kathy Brunton
Taylor, Vincent Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8111 Emily Knopick
Timsina, Damodar Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8087 Tamika Green
Tishma, Kelli Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8218 Kristina Crilow
Tobin, Sarah Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8134 Deb Bailey
Tokar, Michelle Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8095 Jackie Shaw
Truex, Jasmine Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8187 Augusta Jordan
Turek, Heather Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8116 Andy Flor
Vierstra, Courtney Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8159 Tamika Green
Vierstra, Gary Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8946 Rebecca Stoots Troutman
VonGunten, Mark Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8128 Augusta Jordan
Weaver, Todd Barberton Center 330-634-8318 Kristina Crilow
White, Claude Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8219 Andy Flor
Wisniewski, Brooke Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8943 Vicki Dietelbach
Work, Justin Barberton Center 330-634-8150 Andy Flor
Yost, Rachel Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8021 Kathy Brunton
Zahler, Gary Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8960 Emily Knopick
Zupanc, Owen Barberton Center 330-634-8148 Emily Knopick
Referral & Support Specialists
Benham, Sadie Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8108 Jackie Shaw
Clark, Nicole Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8140 Deb Bailey
Collier, Angela Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8052 Deb Bailey
Collins, Joann Barberton Center 330-634-8180 Deb Bailey
Durfee, Kristi Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8056 Jackie Shaw
Fenn, Scott Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8189 Vicki Dietelbach
Gray, Gina Barberton Center 330-634-8106 Jennie Petrarca
Harrison, Tanza Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8104 Kelly Wood
Rager, Sarah Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8163 Jackie Shaw
Seitz, Stacey Barberton Center 330-634-8503 Deb Bailey
Shellenbarger, Karen Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8045 Vicki Dietelbach
Sims, Precious Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8036 Vicki Dietelbach
Walker, Tiffany Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8033 Deb Bailey
Wilkes, Carolyn Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8190 Jackie Shaw
Williams, Torri Barberton Center 330-634-8151 Jackie Shaw
Director of SSA & Children’s Services
Brugh, Holly Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8514
SSA Senior Managers
Dunn, Melissa Barberton Center 330-634-8109 Holly Brugh
Hudak, Jennifer Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8557 Holly Brugh
Petrarca, Jennie Barberton Center 330-634-8605 Holly Brugh
Skiljan, Melissa Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8672 Holly Brugh
Riley, Darann Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8866 Holly Brugh
SSA Medicaid Manager
Nemec, Brad Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8644 Holly Brugh
Staff Development Manager
Brunton, Kathy Barberton Center 330-634-8841 Holly Brugh
SSA Supervisors
Bailey, Deb Barberton Center 330-634-8186 Jennie Petrarca
Burke, Angela Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8143 Jennifer Hudak
Crilow, Kristina Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8044 Melissa Dunn
Dietelbach, Victoria Barberton Center 330-634-8166 Jennie Petrarca
Flor, Andy Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8217 Melissa Dunn
Green, Tamika Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8337 Melissa Skiljan
Jordan, Augusta Barberton Center 330-634-8042 Melissa Dunn
Knopick, Emily Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8950 Melissa Skiljan
Riles, Kim Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8157 Melissa Skiljan
Seams, Melissa Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8041 Jennifer Hudak
Shaw, Jackie Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8118 Jennie Petrarca
Stoots Troutman, Rebecca Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8937 Jennifer Hudak
Woitas, Brenda Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8078 Darann Warner
Wood, Kelly Barberton Center 330-634-8071 Nova Mikel
Administrative Assistants
Burgess, Karla Barberton Center 330-634-8016 Holly Brugh
Cooke, Michelle Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8055 Jennie Petrarca
Kochheiser, Donna Barberton Center 330-634-8216 Melissa Skiljan
Moss, Donna Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8025 Jennifer Hudak
Reed, Rochelle Barberton Center 330-634-8404 Melissa Dunn
Roberts, Jill Barberton Center 330-634-8846 Darann Warner
Whitfield, Megan Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8958 Holly Brugh
Intake & Records
Senior Manager of Intake & Records
Mikel, Nova Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8686 Holly Brugh
Evaluation Specialists
Byers, Ken Barberton Center 330-634-8103 Kelly Wood
Howard, Fawn Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8675 Kelly Wood
Lovaty, John Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8915 Kelly Wood
Randolph, Sarah Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8604 Kelly Wood
Smoley, Dawn Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8069 Kelly Wood
Records Supervisor
Bramlett, Chandra Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8135 Nova Mikel
Records Specialists
Buckner, Monty Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8096 Chandra Bramlett
Dowey, Teddi Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8099 Chandra Bramlett
Fisher, Kelli Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8075 Chandra Bramlett
Kulick, Kelly Cuyahoga Falls 300-634-8114 Chandra Bramlett
Perkins, Shelia Cuyahoga Falls 330-634-8645 Chandra Bramlett
Scott, Tina Barberton Center 330-634-8308 Chandra Bramlett
Shropshire, Cheryl Barberton Center 330-634-8862 Chandra Bramlett
Stembridge, Mary Barberton Center 330-634-8160 Chandra Bramlett
Administrative Assistant
Ratzer, Jennifer Barberton Center 330-634-8676 Nova Mikel
On Call/After Hours Manager  1-877-271-6733

Visit our Service Coordination page to learn more about SSAs and RSSs and their roles at Summit DD. Have another question? Contact us. We’re happy to help.

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