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Summit DD Leadership Takes Oath

When Superintendent John Trunk took the top post at Summit DD he made it a priority to talk to as many key stakeholders as possible and continue to build on Summit DD’s rich history of being a resource in the community, a champion for the rights of people with disabilities and their families.  After seven months on the job, a few key internal initiatives are helping to increase communication and collaboration, both internally and externally. Read More ›

Summit DD Transitions Calico Center to Community-Based Childcare

Summit DD’s Calico center will transition to a new Community Partnership for Inclusion, or CPI, program called Paving the Way, beginning September 2014.

With integrated child care available throughout the County, Summit DD no longer needs to operate its own child care center, known as Calico, which subsidizes the child care costs of children who are not eligible for Summit DD services. Read More ›

Summit DD Continues Path to Community Employment

“Employment First” is a national movement based on the idea that competitive employment in an integrated setting should be the priority outcome for people with disabilities. It’s been just over two year since Governor John Kasich signed the Employment First Executive Order, making Ohio one of 26 states with an official Employment First Policy or legislation. Since then a statewide inter-agency Taskforce has been shaping the future of Employment First in Ohio, and their good work is already influencing Summit County. Read More ›

Summit DD and Help Me Grow Partner to Provide Seamless Early Intervention Services

When a family receives a diagnosis, or suspected diagnosis of a developmental disability, life takes on a new normal.  Normal becomes internet searches, insurance questions, paperwork, being put on hold, IFSPs, IEPs, and a constant wonder of what’s next.  There are no playbooks, rules or guides because every child and family are unique.  Normal also becomes celebrating little victories, teaching compassion and courage, and finding out that you and your child are capable of so much more than any search result would indicate.  You’ll also find that you are not alone.  In fact, you have a team.  Summit DD and Help Me Grow recently partnered to make that team stronger, and more seamless for you. Read More ›

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