Screening for Success: Common Ages and Stages

Milestones provide important clues about your child’s development. While every child is different, below is a guide to a few of the common milestones for different age groups. Find your child’s age and check each milestone that your child is able to successfully accomplish.

For questions or concerns specific to your child’s development, please contact your pediatrician or contact us.

3 Months:

o Smiling at people

o Cooing

o Following objects with eyes

o Holding head up

6 Months:

o Responding to other’s emotions and often seeming happy

o Babbling and responding to own name

o Showing curiosity about objects

o Rolling over from front to back, and back to front

9 Months:

o Clinging to familiar adults

o Pointing to things

o Playing peek-a-boo

o Pulling to stand

o crawling

12 Months:

o Crying when parent leaves

o Using simple gestures like waving or shaking head “no”

o Following simple directions

o Standing alone

18 Months:

o Displaying temper tantrums

o Using single words

o Understanding simple objects’ names

o Walking unassisted

24 Months:

o Playing alongside others

o Uses short sentences

o Finding things when “hidden” under other objects such as a blanket

o Climbing onto and down from furniture without help

36 Months:

o Empathizing with others

o Following instructions with two or three steps

o Turning pages in books one at a time

o Running easily

For a more complete assessment of your child’s development, use our free ages and stages online screening tool.

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