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A Celebrated Partnership: Summit DD and METRO RTA

At METRO’s March board meeting, four individuals supported by Summit DD’s Community Employment department received recognition for their hard work and dedication. Justin, Tyrell, Jeremy and Mike have over 17 years of combined service as METRO employees. Known as the Sign and Shelter Crew, “…they have fully embraced the company’s culture regarding quality service by ensuring the METRO RTA customers have access to clean and safe shelters. This partnership affords the crew opportunities to learn essential skills that are highly valued in the workplace,” shared Staci Nevels, Summit DD’s Employment and Training Manager. Read More ›


Cast Your Vote!

Voting is now open for the “Best Part of Your Day” photo contest. This is going to be a tight race based on the photos that were submitted, so be sure to get your vote in! (We encourage you to share the link with friends too!) Voting will be open from March 23-March 29, 2015. Good luck participants!



David’s Story: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Meet David, he’s a determined young man on a mission to become a paralegal once graduating from Kent State University. “If I could say to anyone who might see a person like me, unable to walk, I’d probably tell them just don’t judge a book by its cover,” said David. “I feel that everyone deserves to be respected and to be shown kindness regardless of who they are,” he continued. Read More ›


Special Needs Financial Planning Resource Guide

Financial planning for the future can be daunting.  But for families with special needs, financial planning can immediately set off a landslide of additional questions. Planning for your child’s short and long term financial future is a challenging exercise, but one that will create a great deal of peace-of-mind in the long run.

We’ve broken down the process for you to help understand what to look for and expect as you embark on creating your financial plan.

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