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Summit DD Wants To Hear From You: 2016 Action Plan

Summit DD’s 2016 – 2018 Long Range Plan establishes the mission, vision, strategic priorities that guides our decision making. The plan is developed by the Board, based on input from individuals, parents/guardians, caregivers, service providers, staff, representatives of community-affiliated groups/agencies, and staff.

Each year the plan is in effect, an Annual Action Plan establishes specific outcomes to be achieved during that year, within Board budget priorities and available resources.  The Board monitors the implementation of the Long Range Plan through detailed quarterly reports of the Annual Action Plan.

Summit DD released the 2016 draft Action Plan and wants to hear from you.  Download a copy of the draft plan and let us know what you think through a variety of methods.  Comments must be received by November 30, 2015.


informDD October 2015

Watch an endearing young man named Jacob tell his life story, review Summit DD’s plans for the future, see how our CPI department impacted a local family, and check out our new person-centered ISP.


Summit DD Approves 2016 – 2018 Plan

Summit DD’s Board approved its 2016 – 2018 Long Range Plan, outlining the Agency’s Mission, Vision and key goals for the future.  The 2016 -2018 Long Range Plan reflects the Agency’s journey forward and its changing role as a connector of services and supports rather than a direct service provider.  The plan emphasizes community connections, person-centered planning, and quality services.

Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

We are a community built by the abilities of ALL citizens.

Mission Statement

Summit DD connects people with disabilities to supports that empowers individuals to contribute to their success and that of their community.

2016-2018 Goals

Inclusive Community

Summit DD develops and maintains win-win relationships with key community partners, such as employers, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and related associations, as well as community organizations including city leadership, chambers and clubs. In this way, we can cultivate partnerships that offer support and opportunity to people with disabilities to live fully inclusive lives.  We also highlight the success of those we support to overcome misperceptions about people with disabilities, advocating for equality, acceptance and inclusion.

Strategic Objectives (2016 – 2018)

  1. We will inspire organizations to make inclusion a part of their culture to build welcoming, accessible communities for all.
  2. We will build off the success of those we support in order to overcome misperceptions about the abilities of individuals.
  3. We will unite with the community to ensure that employers and places of education are diverse and inclusive, capitalizing on the talents of those we support.

Person-Centered Planning

Summit DD has meaningful conversations with individuals with disabilities and their families to find out about their unique challenges, goals and opportunities.  It is only through active listening that we can empower individuals to create their own path with individualized supports through a person-centered service plan.  Summit DD is committed to creating a person centered plan based on the needs of each individual using paid and natural supports to connect individuals to their communities.

Strategic Objectives (2016 -2018)

  1. We will listen to individuals to find out what is important to them, and then empower individuals and families to advocate for their needs with creative solutions that connect individuals to their community.
  2. We will focus on the individual and family, balancing paid and natural supports, to help them through their journey with an individualized service plan based on what people need to meet their goals.
  3. We will respect a person’s right to make informed choices about their lives.
  4. We will engage providers in the person-centered plan to develop best-fit opportunities for each individual’s unique needs.

Individualized Support

Summit DD uses individualized service plans to connect people with disabilities and their families to providers within the community that can help them achieve their vision of a happy, satisfying life.  We partner with providers to develop service options that meet the needs of those we support.  An individual’s experience in their chosen setting will afford each person the greatest opportunity to be included with the greater community.

Strategic Objectives (2016 – 2018)

  1. We will connect families of young children to best-fit support to empower caregivers to be the best advocate.
  2. We will connect individuals and families to best-fit community support during the transition from youth to adult to empower individuals and families to make choices about their future.
  3. We will connect individuals to best-fit employment support that meets each individual where they are on their path to employment.
  4. We will connect individuals to best-fit living options.
  5. We will connect individuals to community life so each person has the opportunity to explore their interests and hobbies.


Summit DD is committed to quality services that are innovative and meet best practice standards and also promote the health and safety of those we support.  We strive to ensure that quality providers are available to meet each individual’s need and that the level of service is always the highest.

Strategic Objectives (2016 – 2018)

  1. We will work with providers to build capacity for the service needs that individuals identify through their individual service plan.
  2. We will partner with providers through onboarding, training, technical assistance and ongoing communication.
  3. We will monitor and report outcomes to ensure quality services.

Organizational Success

Summit DD develops innovative solutions to complex problems with an appreciation for the ebb and flow of the natural evolution of the system and the ever changing landscape.  We understand that evolution may impact our relationships and offerings.  We continually strive to challenge ourselves, realizing that our long-term sustainability is the key to provide a lifetime of support to individuals with disabilities.

Strategic Objectives (2016 – 2018)

  1. We will remain the visible leader in disability issues as our role as a service provider changes.
  2. We will maximize revenue, create efficiencies and leverage technology to remain sustainable for those we support.
  3. We will foster a diverse workplace that is welcoming and values the unique contribution of each employee.
  4. We will define and cultivate our core competencies and align our resources to remain flexible to achieve our long range plan goals.

Employ-Ability Summit Aims to Connect Employers to Untapped Workforce

(Tallmadge, Ohio) – Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD), in partnership with other local disability organizations and the Cuyahoga, and Stark County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, presents the inaugural Northeast Ohio Regional Employment Network (NEOREN) Employ-Ability Summit on November 5, 2015. The event will be held at the Tri-C Corporate College East location, 4400 Richmond Road, in Warrensville Heights from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

The Employ-Ability Summit is designed to Read More ›

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