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informDD January 2015

See what’s in store for 2015 through the words of Superintendent, John Trunk. Also in this issue of informDD, learn more about generous Summit DD staff initiatives, discover handy assistive equipment resources, and set a night aside for your family at an upcoming inclusive kids’ concert.


Dr. Jennifer Dwyer Appointed to Summit DD Board

(Tallmadge, Ohio) – Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer of Summit County Probate Court appointed Dr. Jennifer Dwyer to the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board, or Summit DD, for a four-year term beginning January 2015.

Dr. Dwyer is currently the medical director of Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics and a practicing pediatrician in the Barberton area. Dr. Dwyer previously served with the Barberton Decker Family Development Center, working with other local agencies to better the lives of families affected by financial, educational, medical and developmental issues.

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Major Unusual Incident Annual Analysis Due February 28

The timely investigation and determination of cause and contributing factors for Major Unusual Incidents (MUI) can lead to successful preventive measures that can reduce the likelihood of that incident occurring again.  While there are always incidents that can be considered unusual in any person’s life, Summit DD’s goal is to prevent as many incidents from occurring as possible.  One way to prevent incidents from occurring is to complete a trend and analysis of incidents for both the individual, the provider, and the county.

Ohio Revised Code 5213:2:17-02, Addressing major unusual incidents and unusual incidents to ensure health, welfare, and continuous quality improvement, states:

Providers shall produce a semi-annual and annual report regarding major unusual incident trends and patterns which shall be sent to the county board. The county board shall semi-annually review providers’ reports. The semi-annual review shall be cumulative for January first through June thirtieth of each year and include an in-depth analysis. The annual review shall be cumulative for January first through December thirty-first of each year and include an in-depth analysis.

Analysis should include:

  • Date of review;
  • Name of person completing review;
  • Time period of review;
  • Comparison of data for previous three years;
  • Explanation of data;
  • Data for review by major unusual incident category type;
  • Specific individuals involved in established trends and patterns (i.e., five major unusual incidents of any kind within six months, ten major unusual incidents of any kind within a year, or other pattern identified by the individual’s team);
  • Specific trends by residence, region, or program;
  • Previously identified trends and patterns; and
  • Action plans and preventive measures to address noted trends and patterns.

These reviews are due to Summit DD’s MUI department by February 28 and should be sent to


Summit DD Kids’ Concert Celebrates Community Inclusion

(Tallmadge, Ohio) – Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board (Summit DD) in partnership with the Northampton Christian Preschool, invites the community to celebrate inclusion at a free kids’ concert held at the Northampton United Methodist Church, 852 W. Bath Road in Cuyahoga Falls, on February 6, 2015 at 6 PM.

The event features award-winning musician and author, Jim Gill. His fun musical styling promotes group play among children of all abilities, plus it’s catchy enough to get the parents to join the excitement.

“Jim Gill provides a wonderful evening of parents and children playing and singing together,” stated Cheryl Hoover, the Director of Northampton Christian Preschool.

Summit DD believes that all children and families should have access to fun, inclusive community programs and events. We strongly support these inclusive opportunities because they enrich the early childhood experience and strengthen our community as a whole.

“We’re always looking for ways to partner with local organizations like Northampton Christian Preschool. The more we come together, the stronger we become,” shared Summit DD Inclusion Manager, Lynnette White.

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