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Average Cost for Services

Summit DD Service and Support Administrator’s, or SSAs, coordinate services using a person-centered approach and work with each person to develop an individual budget for services that meet their needs and fit their budget. Most adults supported by Summit DD are funded through a Federal Medicaid Waiver. In these cases Medicaid pays approximately 60% of the costs for services and Summit DD (through local levy dollars) pays 40% of the costs for services. If an individual does not qualify for Medicaid, services are paid for using local levy dollars.

Medicaid dollars ensure Free Choice of Provider, meaning individuals choose a willing provider who meets their needs. Currently, 60% of individuals choose private providers for day programs and transportation to and from their day program, while all residential services are provided by private providers. Whether Summit DD is your provider of services or they are delivered by a private provider, Summit DD SSAs are there to connect individuals to the support they need to live a healthy, satisfying life.

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2021 Action Plan

Get a look at what Summit DD is working on in 2021.

Download a Copy

Want to print a copy? Download a PDF of Summit DD’s Action Plan 2021. 

Summit DD 2019 Annual Report

We invite you to read through our annual report to see all the ways that Summit DD continues to make meaningful connections for those we serve and those who support us…one person, one organization and one staff member at a time.

Download Summit DD’s 2019 Annual Report here.

2020 Action Plan

Download the 2020 Action Plan.

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