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DD Awareness Month 2023

March DD Awareness Month will be here before we know it. We’re looking forward to another March full of activities, events and spotlights to bring people together and make Summit County a place where everyone feels included. Read More ›

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More Than 600 Providers Benefit from Summit DD Grant

Summit County disability service providers deliver the essential services that people with developmental disabilities rely on to meet their daily needs. These Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and front-line managers support people in their homes, provide daily care and ensure that people can get to their jobs and day programs safely. It isn’t an easy career, but it’s more than a job to these professionals. It’s a purpose. Summit DD believes it is important to show appreciation to these hard-working professionals, so we brought back the Summit DD Appreciation Grant. Read More ›

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Nominations now open for 2023 Summit DD Appreciation Awards

We all know of those people who go above and beyond to help others. They are the ones who consistently find ways to raise the bar, serve others with a smile, and leave a lasting impression on those around them. Now is your opportunity to give them some recognition. Nominate someone for a Summit DD Appreciation Award. Read More ›

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Classified: Independent living skills pilot

Independent living skills pilot request for Interest

Summit DD is seeking proposals from qualified organizations to develop and implement an independent living skills training curriculum program.

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to develop a model to support youth and adults with the acquisition of life skills that will allow them to live more independent lives.

Description: Individuals participating in this pilot will be youth and adults residing within their family home or adults living independently who are seeking to become more independent. Fifteen to twenty people will take part in this pilot with the expectation that each participant receives on average between three and five hours of support per week. Training can occur individually or in a group setting.

It is not a requirement that the responding organization have experience serving people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Summit DD will assist the organization chosen with specific strategies to support people served, as needed.

Deadline: Interested organizations should respond no later than 4:00pm on Friday, November 4th, 2022.


Organizations seeking to submit proposals should address the following questions within their response.

  1. Describe current experience with helping individuals develop independent living skills. Does
    your organization have an already established curriculum and process which it uses to evaluate
    current skills and support skill acquisition?
    a. If you are using an already developed curriculum, please provide a brief description of what areas it addresses, including how it incorporates self-advocacy.
  2. Discuss your current assessment process and how you collaborate with the person, family,
    and other important people or organizations, such as school within the individual’s life to develop a plan to support individualized skill development.
  3. How does your organization or how will you engage families or other natural supports within
    the home to support skill development and maintaining skills learned?
  4. Identify how your organization will use technology to assist in the development and
    maintenance of skills learned.
  5. Does your organization have space available to host group-based classes? If so, where is that
    space located?
  6. How does your organization incorporate community-based learning opportunities (i.e., going to
    the bank, grocery store) into programming?
    All responses received must include a proposed budget which identifies cost per hour of service, any planning related time, transportation costs and other materials that will be needed to support this program.

Any questions regarding this classified request please email Drew Williams, Director of Community Supports and Development or call 330-634-8083.

Interested organizations should respond no later than 4:00pm on Friday, November 4th, 2022.

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