Resources for Self-Advocacy

Self-advocacy can be the quickest path to meaningful change, but it takes training and development. This is why Summit DD has created resources for people who want to practice self-advocacy or teach self-advocacy to others.

The self-advocacy movement is largely about people with disabilities speaking up for themselves. A person with a developmental disability may call upon the support of others, but the individual is entitled to be in control of and direct his or her own resources. The purpose of self-advocacy is to exercise the right to make life decisions without unnecessary influence or control by others.

Self-Advocacy Sessions

The following sessions were created to help develop the skills necessary to advocate for oneself or to inform others in the practice of self-advocacy.  The sessions focus on a number of important topics that will help create a foundation for people with disabilities to speak up for themselves and exercise their own rights and preferences.

Session 1: The Basics

Session 2: The Team

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