Service Funding

In Summit County, our community generously supports funding of services and supports for adults and children with disabilities through a tax levy.  Summit DD’s current levy period runs through 2018.  The tax levy generates funds that Summit DD uses to pay for services along with a variety of other funding streams.  The availability of those funding streams, such as Medicaid State Plan and Medicaid Waivers,  may be different depending on individual circumstances, and our service coordinators will help you identify what resources may be available to you.

Download your guide to an Individual’s Budget for Services.

We are here to help you every step of the way through your lifetime of support with us.  We’ll listen to your needs, guide your through your options, and connect you to supports to fulfill your life vision.  Below, you will find a general description of how services are funded.  However, we know each family’s circumstances are unique and our services and supports are individualized based on those needs.  Step one is always to become eligible for services, find out more about eligibility.


Many services are funded through Medicaid.  Waiver programs, which fund most residential services, give a great deal of flexibility to individuals to choose his or her residence and provider.  A waiver is a way that Medicaid can pay for services to keep you in your home, or a home in the community, so you do not have to move to a long-term care facility or nursing home. When Medicaid Waiver funding is available, Summit DD pays for the non-federal match, or approximately 40% of the cost of service and the other 60% is paid for by federal funds.

Services are provided only to those individuals who have been determined to be eligible; and eligibility for Medicaid services and Summit DD Board services may be different.  While Summit DD determines eligibility for county board services, the Summit County Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS) administers and determines eligibility for Ohio’s Medicaid program.  Our staff will help you work with DJFS to determine eligibility, and to ensure that Medicaid will pay for the cost of medically necessary services.

What is a waiting list?

Each County Board of Developmental Disabilities establishes waiting lists when there are not enough resources to meet the needs of everyone requesting service. If you ask for a service that has a waiting list, we will document your request along with the date and time, and place your name on the waiting list.

Read more about DODD waivers

Funding for Children’s Programs

Summit DD and Ohio Early Intervention work together to complete assessments and evaluations of children who are referred with a suspected delay or disability.  When Summit DD is selected as the early intervention service provider, our staff will visit you in your home and use a coaching model to help parents address their individual child’s needs, at no cost to your family.

Funding for School-Age Programs

Each local school district is responsible for providing a free, appropriate public education to children with disabilities from the age of 3 through the end of the 21st year who are residents of the school district.  This includes providing, at no cost, related services which are necessary for a child to benefit from his or her instructional program.  Related services can include such things as psychological or counseling services, nursing services, and intervention plans.  Summit DD service coordinators are here to help assist you with your local school district.

Where Do I Go for Help?

Funding can be overwhelming, and we are here to help.  We will listen to your unique challenges and connect you to the resources to achieve your goals.  We understand the complexities of the funding equation and will help break it down for you based on your unique circumstance.  Take a stroll through our Quick Start Guide to learn about your options with Summit DD.

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