Community Employment

Employment is the goal of many adults, including adults with developmental disabilities.  Summit DD is here to listen to your goals and support your life choices with meaningful connections to be successful, including employment.

Summit DD partners with other state agencies and a variety of providers to create successful employment experiences for the individual, as well as the employer.  Our wide range of employment services helps individuals find and maintain meaningful jobs in Summit County.

Read Cailin’s story on her success with community employment services.

Employment Services

Employment services are offered through a wide network of quality providers, and provides vocational training and other job-related resources to help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve goals and thrive in the working world.  Services carefully match individuals with employers based on your interests and skills.   You will receive full training and continued on-the-job assistance.  Individuals meet with a job developer, who assesses their unique skills and interests to develop a personalized employment plan.

Programs also help employers hire capable workers and make a positive impact on the community.  Summit DD offers support and guidance to help employers successfully integrate individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the workplace.

Job Development

Once the initial assessment is complete, job developers work with you to find an appropriate position.  We understand that individuals with developmental disabilities are competing for jobs just like everyone else in the workforce.  For that reason, providers work with each individual to ensure that they have the best chance of landing the position in which they are most interested. Job developers assist with:

  • Developing a vocational goal and resumé
  • Preparing for an interview and assistance during the interview
  • Hiring paperwork
  • Coordinating job coaching services

Job Coaching

Job coaches through private providers are in place to ensure that individuals have the support they need to meet their responsibilities on-the-job.  Job coaches support you from the day you get hired, helping you become oriented to your new workplace and ensuring you are positioned for success.

Prospective Employers

We continuously reach out to employers in the community to expand employment options for the individuals we serve.  With a growing network of employment partners, we, along with our private partners in the community, are able to customize plans and find meaningful jobs that meet the needs and interests of each individual. We have worked with more than 100 employers in Summit County who realize the benefits of hiring an individual with a developmental disability to be a part of their team.

“The employees placed by Summit DD have a fantastic commitment to ACME. They have improved the employee morale and all employees now have a greater understanding of people with disabilities.”
– Vicki Nicholas, Front End Coordinator, ACME Fresh Market

Ready to begin your path to employment or hire your next best employee?  Contact us to get started.

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