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MUI Team Displays High Quality Standards

Summit DD’s team of investigators comprise the Major Unusual Incident (MUI) Department.  This team of professionals are here to protect the health, safety and welfare of individuals with developmental disabilities.  The goal of each investigation is to determine if there is evidence to suggest the allegation occurred, find out the cause and contributing factors, and work with the individual’s team to develop a prevention plan.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities conducted a site visit earlier this year to ensure that Summit DD was in compliance with the MUI rule.  The team passed with flying colors and were awarded a three-year accreditation.  No citations were found as a part of this extensive review.

Summit DD’s MUI Unit investigates approximately 1,300 incidents each year, ranging from abuse and neglect to an unscheduled hospitalization.  The process starts with our friendly Intake Investigative Agent (IA).  If an MUI is opened it is assigned to one of our seven seasoned IA’s to complete the entire MUI process withing 30 business days.  If an incident is criminal in nature we work with a deputy and detective from the Summit County Sheriff’s office stationed at Summit DD to conduct a criminal investigation.  Summit DD’s IA Analyst review these individual incidents for trends and patterns with a particular provider or an individual to ensure quality of care.  Summit DD’s MUI manager oversees the entire process to ensure quality objectives are met.

Highlights of the 2018 DODD review include:

  • 100% of investigations completed on-time
  • 100% of questions asked by DODD were answered on-time
  • 98% of MUI’s were entered into DODD’s Incident Tracking System within 24 hours of discovery by a county board employee
  • Summit DD streamlined its intake process for better efficiency and coordination
  • The creation of the IA Analyst was identifying as a best practice
  • Summit DD’s partnership with the Sheriff led to 13 felony convictions, a 100% conviction rate

At Summit DD, we believe that the quality of care individuals receive is our highest priority.  Our MUI Unit is committed to providing safeguards to those we support and it shows in the high quality of work they do.

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