10 Reasons To Contact Your SSA

When was the last time you contacted your SSA? Your Summit DD Service and Support Administrator, or SSA, is here to help you along your journey and is a partner throughout every aspect of your life. This close-knit relationship allows you to achieve your vision of a happy, satisfying life. Remember, they are here to help and are always just a phone call or email away.

Here are 10 reasons why you should contact your SSA:

  1. Learn more about services. Summit DD SSAs coordinate services and supports in a setting that is the most comfortable to you. They develop individual service plans, or ISPs, that connect you and and your family to high-quality providers so your individual needs can be met right in your own community. SSAs can also coordinate tours of new programs, answer questions about services and help you discover right-fit options tailored to your specific needs so you can achieve your goals.
  2. Schedule a meeting. Your SSA will meet with you a minimum of once a year to review current services and supports, as well as discuss any changes that might be needed. You and your team made up of your SSA, providers, family members and other people who are important to you develop your ISP. Meetings can be held more than once a year based on need, so be sure to let them know what you want.
  3. Check in and catch up. SSAs are here for you. You can call in to say hello or share something good that has happened in your life. SSAs have an open phone number to chat if needed.
  4. Get information on recreation and social activities in the community. Along with coordinating services (such as residential, day programs and transportation) SSAs also provide information on available recreation and social activities. Programs like College for Living, Special Olympics and other community activities, are just a few fun examples of how you can connect with your peers and your community.
  5. Provide information on Summit County resources. SSAs can connect you to other Summit County resources if you need them. They can provide information on food, clothing, shelters and medical assistance as well as ways to contact Summit County ADM Board and Probate Court.
  6. Receive details on government benefits. Acquiring benefits from Medicaid and Social Security can be confusing, so let Summit DD’s SSAs help you get more information and details regarding these benefits. They can walk you and your family through the process and address any concerns, from paperwork to a letter you received in the mail.
  7. Report personal issues and concerns. Ensuring your health and safety is a top priority. From a trip to the emergency room to urgent situations, SSAs will report MUIs, or Major Unusual Incidents for your welfare. MUIs are any alleged, suspected or actual incident that adversely affects the health, safety or welfare of an individual with a disability supported by Summit DD. Any alleged incident of criminal nature is turned over to law enforcement for investigation and SSAs develop prevention plans to avoid future occurrences.
  8. Address concerns and issues about a provider. Summit DD is committed to coordinating right-fit services and supports in a setting that is most comfortable to you. If there is a problem or concern with your provider, SSAs are here to help. The sooner your SSA is aware, the sooner your SSA can help resolve the issue.
  9. Find new providers. Every person supported by Summit DD has the right to choose any qualified provider of day programming, transportation and home and community based services (HCB) that fits their individual needs. This is known as Free Choice of Provider and SSAs are here to assist you in this process. SSAs do not select providers, but rather listen to what is most important to you and set up interviews with providers so you and your family can make the final choice. You can change your provider at any time.
  10. Learn about resources and services for school-age children. Summit DD has SSAs and RSSs to support families and school-aged children. From questions about an IEP to information on local summer camps, your Summit DD contact can help guide your family though these important school years and make sure you are making the best decisions for your child’s future.

For more information on Summit DD Service Coordination, click here!

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