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All About Communication

Contributor: Developmental Specialist, Stacy Bailey, EIS

Spring 2024 is All About Communication: Did you know that babies understand language before they can use it!  Communicating with your child is what helps them develop their own skills. Typically, we see gestures for communication before words – like waving, reaching, pointing. Treat these as words your child is saying to you!

  • Receptive Language is what a child hears and understands.
  • Expressive Language is what a child produces or says.

Want more?

For more information on language development as well as activities you can be doing to promote these skills check out the following articles and resources:

Activities to Encourage Speech and Language There are many ways you can help your child learn to understand and use words. This site has strategies to try on your own broken down by the age of your child. It is developed by ASHA the association for speech therapists.

Supporting Language and Literacy Skills from 0-12 Months Children develop early literacy skills when you give them the chance to play with and explore books and other written materials like magazines, newspapers, take-out menus, markers, and crayons. Language and literacy, while two different skills, build on one another in important ways. This article provides strategies and activities for supporting both language and literacy in little ones.


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