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An Innovative Future for Summit DD

In late-2022, Summit DD launched a Smart Home to showcase the impact that assistive technology can have on the lives of people with developmental disabilities. In 2023, the Smart Home was toured by nearly 500 people throughout the community, including individuals served, parents, disability providers, and many more.

“Our amazing SSA’s (Service and Support Administrators) forwarded 221 referrals to discuss how assistive technology and/or remote supports can meet each person’s unique needs to enhance their independence, have control in their environments and access their communities,” proudly shared Jennifer Hudak, Summit DD Technology First Workgroup Leader and Senior Manager of SSA.

“Our talented Technology First Workgroup continues to build relationships and partnerships, offer expertise, and opportunities to engage technology. In 2024, we will focus on increasing access to remote support services, as identified thru person-centered planning,” Hudak continued.

“I’m just so excited about technology and what it can mean for people with disabilities! I feel like it’s the next frontier. It’s going to make possible what wasn’t possible previously!” shared Michelle Stiles, Summit DD Technology First Workgroup Member and SSA.

Tour the Summit DD Smart Home in the video below! Plus, be on the lookout this fall for Summit DD’s first annual Interactive Technology Expo. Details will be posted on our Events page.

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