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Assistive Technology Apps: A Guide to Educational Apps for Students with Special Needs

As parents, mentors or teachers, we want all students to succeed. We are constantly looking for the best way to support children on their educational journey. Students with disabilities are no different. Their success also comes from the help of parents, teachers and mentors along the way. And now it can come from technology too! In our technology-driven world, there are a variety of assistive technology apps to help students with disabilities succeed.

Types of Assistive Technology Apps

There are as many assistive technology apps as there are ideas out there. So we’ve compiled a few aggregate sites to help you choose the apps that are right for your student, no matter what age. (Please note, this blog is not an endorsement of any app listed on these sites and as always, we encourage you to carefully research any app before purchasing or downloading.)

Assistive Technology apps by Subject search

Need an app to help with Math? How about listening and comprehension? Then is the place for you! Their handy site lets you choose the subject (and even the grade!) to find the assistive app to meet your needs. Check it out!

Assistive Apps by Diagnosis or Special Need

Not sure which app might be the most helpful for your student? Check out Here you can check out a variety of apps sorted by diagnoses. You can also choose to filter by category and diagnoses if you’d like.

A Simple Place to Start

Not sure where to begin and need a little assistance? Check out this easy-to-navigate guide from Common Sense Media. They have created six simple categories to get you started in your assistive technology app search. You can even specify the appropriate level for your child from beginner to advanced. Go ahead, explore!

The sites above are just a few of the many places to find assistive technology apps. The truth is that most students (with or without disabilities) benefit from educational apps when they find the right fit. By incorporating assistive technology into the learning styles of students with disabilities, you can personalize a child’s learning experience to their preferred learning style and increase their chances of success now and in the future.

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