Summit DD staff at Employee Recognition Breakfast.

Nominate a Summit DD team member for a Core Value Award

We’ve heard from families and colleagues throughout the community about how important your Summit DD connections are to you. From the friendly team member who is always so helpful with billing questions, to the beloved Developmental Specialist or SSA who feels like family, you asked for a way to recognize their dedication, and we delivered. You can now nominate that amazing Summit DD employee for one of our Core Value Awards.

What are Core Value Awards

Core Value Awards are the perfect way to show your appreciation for an exceptional Summit DD team member. These awards are based on Summit DD’s six core values. They are meant to recognize Summit DD employees that go above and beyond for their customers, families and colleagues. Core Value Award winners are announced at our annual Employee Recognition Breakfast each January. We invite you to nominate a deserving Summit DD team member (or two!) today. (You can nominate as many Summit DD team members as you would like.)

How to Nominate

To get started, please click on the Core Value below that describes a Summit DD employee you believe deserves to be recognized. Simply fill out the short nomination form and then click submit. That’s it! CVA nominations will close on Friday, September 22, 2023, at 4:00pm.

  • Trust: This award honors a Summit DD team member who earns the trust of their colleagues and customers with each interaction. They address each unique situation with empathy, compassion and a high level of professionalism. They appreciate the ever-changing landscape and its impact on relationships and offerings. They continue to be transparent with our coworkers and customers.
  • Respect: This award honors a Summit DD team member who listens, is thoughtful, and respectful of others and values our customers and colleagues. They are professional and timely with our responses, and approach internal and external relationships with customers with a person-centered approach.
  • Collaboration: This award honors a Summit DD team member who understands and appreciates other’s expertise, and consistently brings the right people together to develop solutions. They develop, maintain and monitor win-win relationships within our organization or with external partners. They approach each new partnership with a focus on short-term benefits and long-term rewards. Through this, they cultivate a strong, diverse community that offers natural support and opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Innovation: This award honors a Summit DD team member who approaches each situation with creative problem solving that moves people closer to meeting a given vision of success. They are up to date with changes in regulations, best practices and technology. They understand that thoughtful investments and innovation can offer long-term rewards in the future.
  • Inclusion: This award honors a Summit DD team member who appreciates and seeks to genuinely understand the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and talents of co-workers and customers. They are intentional about cultivating a workplace and a community that sees only opportunity in each other. They approach relationships as an opportunity to advocate for equality and inclusion of those we serve.
  • Excellence: This award honors a Summit DD team member who understands the needs of our customers (internal or external) and continuously improves to meet those needs. They understand that our stakeholders depend on reliable and consistent processes. They accept that change is inevitable and continue to evolve, changing course as necessary.


Have a questions about your CVA nomination? Email for help. Don’t forget, nominations close on September 22, 2023 at 4:00pm, so don’t wait to nominate!

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