Darick, a local artist, standing in front of his artwork.

Darick’s Marvelous World

Darick’s marvelous world of art is like being transported into a comic book! You’re surrounded by heroes, villains, and whimsical worlds full of fantasy. You can see his passion in every piece. As we all know, Clark Kent has his Superman side. Bruce Wayne has Batman. Darick has his very own alter ego, the Joker. In fact, he created a cosplay costume from scratch and uses the Joker persona to promote his art shows in a fun and edgy way. Many of the businesses in downtown Canton are very familiar with Darick dropping by to film a scene for his newest promotional video.

For the past five years, Darick has honed his talents at the Silo Arts Studio located in the heart of the Downtown Canton Arts District. According to the Silo website “it’s a gallery and studio space for outsider artists to express themselves and to be seen.”

“Art defines me,” Darick said. “It means so much to me in so many ways,” he continued. Darick comes from a very creative family with artistic backgrounds. His mother, father, brother and grandmother have all explored various areas of art.

“Silo has given me all this space and energy to do my work. So many friends and family here! Todd with directing my videos and seeing my vision. Shaun has helped put the videos together and has taught me the editing program. Laura and Kat have helped me set up the show and do social media to promote it. Jace who helped me learn digital art. Aleka, Hayley, Ron, Rex, Grant, Kassy, and Liz. So many names, so much love,” shared Darick with pride.

“I truly have enjoyed watching his talent evolve over the years! He has come so far since I began working with him in 2007,” said Michelle Stiles, Darick’s Summit DD SSA (Service and Support Administrator). “Michelle is amazing! She has helped me so much over the years with reaching my goals,” Darick said with a smile.

On Friday, September 2nd, Darick is having his very own art show at Silo. It’s open to the public from 5:30-9PM and all of his works will be on sale. Darick is also encouraging fellow cosplay fans to come in costume to join in the fun! Silo is located at 431 4th St NW, Canton, OH 44702. Come out and show support for Darick and his amazing work!

Darick drawing on his iPad.Darick showing his artwork.Darick, a local artist, standing with is service providers from Silo art studio.Darick, a local artist, in his cosplay attire as the Joker.Darick's artwork. Homelander and Doctor Strange.Darick's artwork. Guardians of the Galaxy.Darick's artwork. Wolverine.Darick's artwork. Doctor Strange.Darick's artwork. A troll like creature.

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